J6 Investigators Reportedly Have Info On The Potential Efforts Of Trump’s Cabinet Members To Invoke The 25th Amendment Against Trump And Remove Him From Office Following The Infamous Riot

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It seems yet another bombshell revelation from the January 6th House Select Committee has made its way onto the scene and it’s pretty much guaranteed that Donald Trump is going to be downright furious about this one.

During a recent segment, CNN reported that the House Committee penned a letter to Fox News host and close Trump confidante, Sean Hannity, in which they referenced efforts by numerous Trump cabinet members to have then-President Donald Trump removed from office via the 25th Amendment, following the violent January 6th Capitol attack at the hands of Donald’s supporters.

The letter from the committee claims that Hannity sent a text message to Trump’s then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on the day of the insurrection, “relating to a potential effort by members of President Trump’s cabinet to remove him from office under the 25th Amendment.”

“As you may recall, Secretaries DeVos and Chao both resigned following the President’s conduct on January 6th, as did members of the President’s White House staff,” the House Select Committee’s letter to the Fox News host reportedly reads. “We would like to question you regarding any conversations you had with Mr. Meadows or others about any effort to remove the President under the 25th Amendment.”

During their recent segment, CNN reporter Jamie Gangel addressed this new letter from the House Committee and analyzed the clear reference to the 25 Amendment in connection to Donald Trump, following the infamous riot.

“There is nothing that was put in this letter by accident, and that was mentioned very far down,” Gangel stated. “There was not a text (message) associated with it, but the words ’25th Amendment’ were repeated. And my understanding is that there is — we don’t know, they didn’t reveal texts there — but it appears the committee has information about conversations that were going on at the highest level about the 25th Amendment. And just to remind our audience… We heard reporting that maybe some people in the cabinet thought Trump should be removed from office. The fact that the committee may have information about that will also speak, once again, to Trump’s state of mind.”

This is far from the first time a revelation regarding Donald Trump and the 25th Amendment has made waves in the news cycle, and I’m sure it’s far from the last.

It’s pretty clear that even Trump’s own people knew damn good and well what a danger he was, especially at that point in time, following his humiliating election loss. They knew what sort of mental state the leader of this nation was in at the time. They knew he needed to go. It’s just staggering to me that, once the dust settled, none of them have had the gumption to do anything about it. In fact, so many of them still remain loyal to the death.

You can watch the clip of the CNN segment here:

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