Jail Facility Terminated A Live Call During Interview Between Newsmax Hosts And Jan. 6th Defendant After He Spoke About “Banding Together”

Foiled AGAIN!

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A New York man arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents at his home in January just weeks after the deadly insurrection was interviewed by Newsmax, and things went south when an announcement interrupted Capitol rioter Edward Jacob Lang and the host. Lang, who could be seen in social media posts swinging a baseball bat at police officers and thrusting a riot shield in their direction on Jan. 6, told the outlet that he has been subjected to “psychological warfare” during his time at the jail.

“No doubt, you’re probably going to face some repercussions for even doing this interview,” Newsmax host Heather Childers said. “Are you a little worried about that?”

“Fear does not live in the hearts of patriots,” Lang insisted. “And, you know, it’s time for American people to band together and to stand behind the Constitution and to really support the January sixers because we were the frontline…”

That’s when an automated message came on to announce that the call was “being terminated by the facility.”

“Uh oh,” Childers said. “Someone didn’t like that conversation.”


Lang didn’t have good intentions on Jan. 6. Lang was seen in one video describing what he thought would follow the attack on the Capitol, saying, “The First Amendment didn’t work, we pull out the second. No one wants to take this and die for our rights, but dying for our rights is the only option that any person with a logical brain sees right now. This is it.”

Following the attack, Lang, 26, posted pictures on social media, including one that said “This is me” with an arrow pointing at him. No, really.

According to federal authorities, Lang faces charges of assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers or employees, civil disorder, accessing a restricted building or grounds, and violent entry or disorderly conduct.

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