Jan. 6th Committee Reportedly Found The Perfect Way Around Stonewalling From Trump’s Inner Circle And It’s Going To Send Ex-President’s Head Spinning: “We Know So Much More”

There's no getting out of this, Donald.

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Ex-President Donald Trump’s innermost circle has made quite the habit out of trying to stonewall the January 6th House Select Committee that is currently investigating the infamous, violent Capitol attack and, more specifically, the former president’s role in inciting it — even if it means they end up being held in Contempt of Congress for blatantly refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas for their testimonies or evidence.

But according to a bombshell report from Politico, the House panel has found the perfect way to sidestep these stonewalling Trump insiders that’s pretty much guaranteed to send the ex-president’s head spinning off his shoulders — as they’re bypassing Trump’s loyal people and instead is now going to their aides and deputies.

According to the report, in fact, some of the January 6th committee’s most significant findings have actually come from staffers to some of Trump’s most prominent insiders, who happened to be present during or at least briefed on top-level meetings in his administration. This includes Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson and Jeffery Clark adviser Ken Klukowski, both of whom have personally helped the House panel piece together the way that Donald Trump attempted to overturn his 2020 loss and steal the election.

Panel member Rep. Jamie Raskin said, “We are definitely taking advantage of the fact that most senior-level people in Washington depend on a lot of young associates and subordinates to get anything done. A lot of these people still have their ethics intact and don’t want to squander the rest of their careers for other people’s mistakes and corruption.”

Hutchinson alone has provided the January 6th Committee with hundreds upon hundreds of pages of testimony. This has allowed the panel to gain specific insight and knowledge into the notorious phone calls Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows made around that time and even further exposed numerous Republican lawmakers who were in on those meetings and possibly helped Trump in his attempted coup. Hutchinson even told the Committee that the White House counsel’s office regularly tried to push back against the rampant conspiracy theories being peddled and spread by Republican congress members and Trump’s closest allies.

She told the panel, “Almost all, if not all, meetings Mr. Trump had, I had insight on.”

Hutchinson also exposed a lot of details surrounding Mark Meadows’ activities on the 6th of January, while another aide, Ben Williamson, revealed to the panel exactly when the Trump White House was made aware of the brutal, deadly violence that was taking place at the US Capitol building, at the hands of the president’s own supporters. This new information from insider aides has allowed the House Select Committee to fine-tune the specific answers they want out of Trump’s former chief of staff who, as it stands, still refuses to cooperate with the panel and their investigation.

Doug Letter, the top attorney for the US House of Representatives said during a hearing on Mark Meadows’ lawsuit attempting to block the Committee’s subpoena, “We know so much more than we did then.”

All the loyalty in the world won’t save you now, Trump.

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