Jan. 6th Committee Reportedly Gathering Evidence That Donald Trump May Have Broken 4 Major Federal Laws

They're coming for you, Donald.

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According to bombshell new reporting from Business Insider, the January 6th House Select Committee is currently working to gather evidence that will help them prove that ex-President Donald Trump may have broken 4 different major federal laws.

When the January 6th Panel’s investigation began almost a year ago now, their main goal was to prove that Donald J. Trump had personally engaged in the very first disruption of the peaceful transfer of power in the history of this nation. But now, 10 months into their probe, the Committee has broadened their focus to now prove that the disgraced ex-president actually committed multiple felony offenses in the days leading up to, during, and in the aftermath of the violent January 6th Capitol attack; coming just weeks after a federal judge recently ruled that it was “likely” Donald Trump committed a felony.

According to Insider, the Committee is looking at the following potential crimes committed by the former president: Conspiracy to defraud the government, obstructing an official proceeding, wire fraud, and witness tampering.

In a video released by the committee before the third hearing on Wednesday, Committee Vice-Chair Liz Cheney said. “President Trump’s advisors knew what he was saying was false, and they told him so directly and repeatedly.”

Insider reports:

The committee does not have the authority to prosecute the former president. But it can make criminal referrals to the Justice Department, and it appears to be laying out a methodical case that could mar Trump’s political standing and inform a future criminal case against him.

Five legal experts told Insider how the Justice Department could build their case to issue charges against Trump, but noted the former president may have a strong legal defense.”

Trump’s chances at getting out of it all are still real and very much valid. But this at least gives us a shred of hope that someday soon, this stain on our nation will finally be held accountable.

I encourage you to read the full deep-dive report on Trump’s possible charges from Business Insider here.

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