January 6th Committee To Pause Public Hearings Until Next Month As New, Explosive Evidence Against Trump Camp Pours In, Including Never-Before-Seen Footage

It just got a LOT worse for Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump and his inner circle were undoubtedly hoping and praying that these damning televised public January 6th hearings would somehow, some way come to a close before things managed to get even worse for them. But I can almost guarantee that this wasn’t the way they were hoping for.

The January 6th House Select Committee has just made an absolutely bombshell announcement, revealing that they are putting a pause on their public hearings — where they are finally exposing all of the brutal evidence they’ve collected against the corrupt ex-president and his people in regard to the infamous Capitol attack, as well as their coup efforts leading up to that fateful day — until the beginning of next month. However, it’s not a move that will serve Donald Trump or his insiders well in any conceivable way. As it turns out, per the announcement from Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson, the committee has chosen to put a temporary pause on their public proceedings because new evidence against the corrupt, one-term, twice-impeached former president and his inner circle just keeps pouring in faster than they can even keep up with.

The House Panel is still set to hold another public hearing on Thursday of this week, the focus of which will be Donald Trump’s concerted pressure campaign against the US Department of Justice in an attempt to force the DOJ to help him overturn the 2020 presidential election. But, speaking with reporters, Chairman Bennie Thompson confirmed that after Thursday’s hearing closes, the rest of the proceedings will be temporarily paused until the beginning of July.

Politico’s Kyle Cheney reports, “The panel is reassessing its schedule after significant new tranches of evidence have arrived — including documentary footage, NARA productions, and new tips.”

Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin said, following today’s hearing, that the committee was “picking up new evidence on a daily basis with enormous velocity.” Rep. Stephanie Murphy, who is also on the January 6th House Panel, said the schedule for the public hearings is “fluid,” as Committee members comb and sort through the influx of evidence and organize it all into the appropriate hearings.

Additionally, an inside source familiar with the matter said the Committee is in talks about the possibility of adding additional hearings to the schedule in an effort to fit in all of the new information — much to Trump’s dismay, we’re sure.