Jared And Ivanka Refuse To Turn Over Info Regarding Their Personal Emails And WhatsApp Accounts; Lock Them Up

Lock them up!

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Lo and behold, something Donald Trump said has come back to bite him in the ass once again. A large portion of Trump’s campaign consisted of him and his supporters chanting, “LOCK HER UP!” in reference to Hillary Clinton and her godforsaken emails. But as it turns out, hilariously enough, if Trump was to stick to those standards he used when it came to Hillary and her private emails, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner should be locked up just as well after being accused of using personal email accounts and platforms like WhatsApp to conduct government business without forwarding the information to their official accounts.

Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton not only deserved to be knocked out of the running but deserved some pretty serious jail time on the grounds that she used her personal email account to conduct government business and correspondence. Sound familiar?

By those standards, we don’t think it much matters if it’s a personal email account or a WhatsApp account — government business on a personal account is still government business on a personal account.

Kushner and Ivanka just gained their top-secret security clearance last summer after their daddy bullied and trampled over everyone in his way — including completely disregarding the concerns of the FBI, White House counsel, and his then chief of staff — concerns that were apparently completely warranted. These entities were especially concerned when it came to Kushner and his ties to “foreign and business contacts”, which professionals believed made him highly susceptible to manipulation. Considering he’s reportedly been chatting with foreign governments — including some that have been known to brag about having Kushner “in their pocket” — well, they weren’t wrong.

Donald’s double standards are certainly showing, as we certainly don’t see him chanting “Lock them up!” in regards to his daughter and son-in-law doing the same damn thing he tried to crucify Hillary for — and his hypocrisy definitely ain’t pretty.

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