Jen Psaki Brutally Put A Reporter In Their Place After They Tried To Hammer Her With Questions About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

When will these fools learn?!

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Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki has had it up to here with some of these White House correspondents and their ridiculous antics. And she’s letting them know it.

Since the very moment she took on the position within the Biden administration, Psaki has made it her mission to show up every day, armed with the truth, to answer the nation’s questions amid some seriously unprecedented times in this country and the world. But she will not be walked on, and she will not be taken advantage of — and that is precisely why millions of Americans love and respect her.

During a White House press briefing earlier this week, one New York Post White House reporter seemingly tried to get smart over recent nasty, partisan reporting from the New York Times on the topic of Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop.

Steven Nelson with the New York Post took full advantage of the recent Times report to try to hammer the Press Secretary with ridiculous questions about the President’s son. Psaki took several questions from Nelson on the ridiculous topic before she finally shut him down and effectively put him in his place when the line of questioning began to rapidly deteriorate into plain old badgering.

The briefing room back and forth went as follows:

NELSON: Thanks, Jen. I’ve got a quick clarification and two questions about presidential conflicts of interest in foreign affairs.

The first brief clarification is: The New York Times reported this week that the First Son remains under criminal investigation. Does the President still intend to stay out of that case?

PSAKI: Yes. It’s the Department of Justice, and I would point you to them.

NELSON: And my two questions about conflicts of interest in foreign affairs. First, I have a question about Russia and then one about China.

On Russia: You told me last year that you were unfamiliar with the Senate report that alleged that the First Son — or a company linked to the First Son received $3.5 million from the richest woman in Russia.

Subsequent reporting indicates that President Biden, when he was Vice President, had a dinner in Georgetown with the same woman in 2015.

This — Yelena Baturina, she has not been sanctioned yet by the U.S. government. How is President Biden navigating conflicts of interest when it comes to sanctioning people who have done business with his family? And can you explain to us what this $3.5 million was for?

PSAKI: I don’t have any confirmation of the accuracy of that report, so I have no more further details.

NELSON: Can you say anything about the conflicts of interest, though — how he’s navigating those when deciding sanctions?

PSAKI: What would be his conflicts of interest?

NELSON: Well, his son’s company allegedly got $3.5 million from —

PSAKI: He — which I have no confirmation of. And he has continued to sanction oligarchs more than we’ve ever sanctioned in the past. I’m not sure that’s a conflict of interest, though.

NELSON: But she hasn’t been sanctioned, though.

PSAKI: Go ahead.

NELSON: She hasn’t been sanctioned, though. She has —

PSAKI: Thank you. Go ahead.

NELSON: I have a question about Russia now. My –

PSAKI: I think we’re moving on because we got to get to more people.

NELSON: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We could — hold on.

PSAKI: Go ahead.

NELSON: My question about the conflict of interests when it comes to China is: Last year, the First Son’s attorney said that he divested from a Chinese investment fund controlled by Chinese state-owned entities. We have received not even basic transparency about who bought out his stake, when this happened, and how much money changed hands. Did he actually divest? And if so, can you agree to basic transparency?

PSAKI: He’s a private citizen. He doesn’t work for the government. I’d point you to his representatives.

Thank you.

NELSON: But there’s a blaring conflict of interest for his father’s role as President, dealing with China.

PSAKI: I think we’re done here. Thank you very much.

To be frank, you’d think these people would have learned their lesson by now.

Watch the clip here:

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