Jen Psaki Made An Example Out Of An Anti-Abortion Reporter Who Kept Interrupting, Yelling Over Others

You'd think these reporters would know better by now.

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Fox News’ Peter Doocy often likes to behave as though he’s picked on, singled out by Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. But the fact of the matter is, Psaki has made it crystal clear, over and over again through her time thus far in the Biden administration, that she’s not about to take shit from anyone. She doesn’t care who they are.

Jen made this fact crystal clear once again during a recent press briefing, when EWTN reporter Owen Jensen began to interrupt and shout over his fellow reporters in the briefing room, ultimately leading Psaki to refuse to even take a question from him.

Jensen, an anti-abortion reporter who regularly tries to spar with Psaki during briefings, managed to make a complete ass out of himself during yesterday’s presser, when he attempted not one, not twice, but four different times to bully his way ahead of other reporters in the room.

On his second attempt to force his way to the front of the line, Jensen yelled over Psaki as well as another reporter, shouting, “Build Back Better, Jen. Catholic bishops fear faith-based preschools could be excluded from receiving Build Back Better money…”

Psaki began to scold Jensen before he even completed his question, stating firmly, “I don’t think you need to talk over her. She’s just asking a question.”

“Okay, Jen, on Build Back Better, Catholic bishops — Jen –” Jensen tried yet again mere seconds later, as Psaki was calling on a different reporter after gesturing at Jensen.

“Okay, here we go: Catholic bishops fear faith-based preschools…” the EWTN reporter tried to double down.

“You know what? I’m moving on over here,” Psaki said, clearly making an example out of Jensen as she called on another reporter, saying, “Go ahead. Go ahead.”

“I’ll go next. I’ll go next, please. Thank you,” Jensen stated, before turning to almost immediately interrupt someone yet again, earning him yet another scolding from Psaki.

“We don’t need to scream or shout over other people in here so we’re going to keep moving on,” Psaki chastised.

“I’m raising… I’m rais… I’ve got a legitimate question here,” Jensen whined, but Jen was having no part of his childish behavior.

Jensen went on to shout the question at Jen one more time as she was leaving the podium, but she didn’t so much as acknowledge him.

Now, as much as I’m sure Jensen believes he’s being mistreated or excluded by Psaki, that’s simply not the case. Despite the EWTN reporter’s vehement opposition to pretty much everything President Biden does, as well as his frequent habit of behaving like a toddler, Jen actually calls on Jensen quite often during press briefings and even told Mediaite that she would happily meet with him privately as she’s done with other reporters.

She’s just not going to tolerate him being a bully.

You can watch the clip from Mediaite here.

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