Jen Psaki Offered Deeply Disturbing Theory On What Donald Trump May Have Wanted To Do With Top-Secret Govt Docs, It Involves Donald’s “Affection” For “Dictators”

I truly don't doubt this for a second.

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History has been made in the United States of America over the course of just a few weeks, as former President Donald J. Trump was formally indicted on both a state and federal level — on charges of illegal hush-money payments in the Manhattan DA’s case and charges related to obstruction and multiple violations of the Espionage Act in the DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith’s federal stolen document case — serving as the very first time in US history that either a sitting or a former American president has been formally indicted and charged with any crimes.

And there’s still more to come…

Over the course of the last several days, we have watched in collective horror as more and more details and damning information regarding the infamous document scandal have made their way into the public light — including the frightening severity of the security levels of some of the intel stolen by Donald Trump and the national security implications that came along with it.

But what we still don’t fully understand is why.

Former Biden White House Press Secretary turned MSNBC host Jen Psaki has offered up her theory on the possible motive that drove Donald Trump to commit literal dozens of federal felonies when he chose to steal and conceal hundreds upon hundreds of highly-classified federal government documents, materials, and intelligence upon the disgraceful end of his equally disgraceful presidency — and, frankly, it’s even more disturbing than we were already prepared for.

Psaki’s analysis came during a recent discussion on the matter with former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The conversation kicked off with Psaki asking Pelosi for her reaction to the charges that have stacked up against the disgraced former US president.

The ex-House Speaker accused Donald Trump of “jeopardizing not only our own security, but the security of other countries, and their sources and methods,” which prompted Psaki to float her unsettling theory on Trump’s motive — something Pelosi didn’t personally endorse or agree with.

As you just alluded to, I mean reading the itemized list of 31 documents and the clearance levels as a former ranking member on the Intelligence Committee, there were Five Eyes classifications there, there were some of the highest level classifications. And knowing what you know about former president Donald Trump, we know he has an affection for dictators. Do you have concern, without us knowing at this point, what he may have wanted to do with those documents?”

“No, I don’t know,” Pelosi responded. “But what I do know is that he seriously jeopardized our national security. And the other piece of that, in terms of him is he himself, when he was a candidate talked about how important it was to protect our documents, our security documents.”

“Our intelligence community is — takes risks for us all the time. And to jeopardize their lives, their families, the sources they may have interacted with is a very dangerous thing. Very irresponsible. And by his own public statements, before he was president, and as president, he knew that,” the former Speaker of the House said.

Pelosi was sure to stress that even Donald Trump is “innocent until proven guilty” of the charges lodged against him in this case and all the rest, but also made sure to pointedly note that “he seems to have confessed to it.”

Watch the segment here:

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