Jen Psaki Seems To Be Entirely Fed Up With Fox’s Peter Doocy After He Tried To Argue With Her That President Biden Is Responsible For Gas Prices: “Let Me Finish”

When will this dude learn???

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To put it simply, there is way too much going on in the world right now for Jen Psaki to be wasting her time sparring with the likes of Fox’s Peter Doocy — and she let him know it today, in a roundabout way.

Now, the Fox News talking head and Biden administration press secretary have kind of seemingly had a bit of an unspoken agreement since President Biden took office. They both know they’re going to pretty regularly disagree and bicker with each other, but Psaki knows her shit and I do believe that Doocy at least somewhat maintained a level of respect for Jen.

But Ukrainian people are dying as an invasion of Russian soldiers attack their civilian areas and wage war against the country, the entire globe is hanging on the precipice of a third World War, and dictator Vladimir Putin is becoming more and more unhinged with each passing moment. Precisely no one has time for Peter Doocy running his mouth about something as stupid as who’s to blame for gas prices right now.

(Spoiler Alert — It’s not Joe Biden.)

It’s true that the American people woke this morning to gas prices that have skyrocketed almost overnight to near record-breaking prices. But Psaki was doing her best to make it clear that the blame for this massive increase in the cost of fuel comes down to Russia and a “dependence on fossil fuels.”

But wouldn’t you know, Doocy couldn’t leave that alone.

“It sounds like you are blaming [Vladimir Putin] for the increase in gas prices recently,” Doocy pressed at Jen during today’s press briefing. “But weren’t gas prices going up anyway, because of post-pandemic supply chain issues?”

Psaki doubled down on her explanation that the recent hike in fuel prices comes down to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“Well, I there’s no question that as we have seen, and outside analysts have conveyed this as well, the increase and the anticipated continued increase, which is what I think some of your colleagues were asking about, that that is a direct result of the invasion of Ukraine,” the press secretary explained.

But Doocy, in his trademarked manner, refused to back down and accept what Psaki was saying, instead pressing Jen further as to why the White House isn’t doing everything in its power to encourage American energy independence, effective immediately.

“We’re asking other countries to think about maybe pumping more oil,” Doocy said, asking, “Why not just do it here?”

The pair sparred back and forth a bit, with Jen ultimately being forced to sternly tell Peter, “Let me finish,” as the Fox host went on to note that President Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office that effectively halted drilling leases on public land, which put a stop to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

“Are you suggesting that would solve the gas prices issue?” Psaki pushed in response to Peter’s statement regarding the pipeline.

“Well, do you think that would maybe affect prices faster than getting the whole country off of fossil fuels?” Doocy asked, before going on to further question how high gas prices would have to get for the president to toss out his “ambitious” climate agenda in an effort to save Americans money at the pump.

But Psaki wasn’t falling for Peter’s “gotcha” moment he was obviously so desperate for. Instead, Jen used this opportunity to remind the press and the American people that this gas price crisis really only serves as further proof that the nation desperately needs to be weaned off fossil fuels.

“What we can do to prevent this from being a challenge in future crises, the best thing we can do is reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil,” Jen stated.

You can watch a clip of the interaction here:

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