Jen Psaki Speaks Out On Impending Likely Indictment And What That Could Mean For Trump 2024: There Are “Cracks In The Armor”

Things really aren't looking good for Donald Trump.

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Former Biden White House Secretary Jen Psaki penned a fierce column for MSNBC this morning, offering her reaction to the recent leaks and reports that a Trump indictment coming out of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in the infamous hush money case is now a matter of when, not if. Trump’s people, and even Trump himself, have begun to acknowledge and admit that the former president will likely be arrested in the coming days, in connection to the alleged 2016 $130,000 hush money payments Donald Trump ordered to be made to adult film star and former alleged affair partner Stormy Daniels, through his then-personal attorney and self-described “fixer” Michael Cohen, in an effort to buy Daniels’ silence in the weeks before the 2016 presidential election that Trump would go on to win.

The former president’s allies are desperately attempting to spin the indictment as an advantage for Donald’s 2024 presidential campaign, and frankly, Americans are fearful (or hopeful, depending on which side of the political fence they land on) that Trump and his people are right, and the criminal indictment will only fuel voters to return him to the White House in 2024. But Jen Psaki says that’s not as likely to happen as people believe.

Additional reporting in recent days has revealed that the indictment against Donald Trump is so widely expected, DA Bragg has personally requested a meeting with the NYPD, as sources confirm that New York authorities are already beginning to meet up and prepare the city’s security measures as officials brace for an impending indictment against ex-President Donald Trump as early as next week.

Psaki appeared to bear that in mind, coupled with the fact that Trump has been using the mere notion of investigations against him to rally his supporters and suck more and more cash out of them for years now, the former Biden press secretary noted that the scandal-ridden ex-president has seen his support take a brutal nosedive in the wake of the announcement of his third consecutive White House run.

“There has been a flurry of analysis suggesting an indictment could actually help his campaign. But before you freak out about that possibility, let’s consider a few things,” Jen writes in the MSNBC column.

“Yes, it’s safe to bet that Trump will try to weaponize this for political gain,” she noted. “We have watched him do that plenty of times before. We’ve also seen his base stick by him. As Trump famously said, he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and still ‘wouldn’t lose any voters,'” she continued, before asserting, “But he’s never been indicted before. And we’ve already seen some recent cracks in the armor …”

“Are there scenarios where Trump runs away with the Republican nomination? Of course,” Psaki writes. “But could some voters draw the line if he faces real criminal charges? We just don’t know yet.”

Read her full MSNBC column here.

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