John Bolton Just Texted Fox News Host While They’re Live On Air To Dispute Trump’s Account Of His Firing

He is not going to stand for Trump's lies.

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This morning, our liar-in-chief took to his trusty Twitter account to announce that he had terminated National Security Advisor John Bolton’s employment within the Trump administration due to the fact that he regularly and strongly disagreed with Bolton’s suggestions in his capacity as Nation Security Advisor. (And we’re sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Bolton, along with Vice President Mike Pence, recently expressed his disdain with the president over attempting to meet with Taliban members just days before this country’s anniversary of 9/11.)

From the sounds of Trump’s tweet this morning, he gave Bolton the ol’ “YOU’RE FIRED!

Because Trump needs the rest of the world to think that he calls all the shots inside that circus of a White House of his.

But it looks like Bolton isn’t willing to sit back and allow Donald to create his own version of this particular narrative.

According to the now-former Nation Security Advisor himself, Trump did not partake in the joy of giving him the boot. Bolton has now both taken to his personal Twitter account as well as called into a live Fox News segment to make it very clear to the American public as well as Donald Trump — he resigned.

“I offered to resign last night and President Trump said, ‘Let’s talk about it tomorrow,'” Bolton’s simple but powerful tweet read.

But John didn’t stop there.

As Trump’s beloved Fox New Networks aired live coverage of the National Security Advisor’s alleged termination, Bolton actually texted Fox News hosts on live TV to inform them that Trump’s recollection of the events was blatantly false.

“John Bolton just texted me, just now, he’s watching. He said, ‘let’s be clear, I resigned,'” Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade stated on air.

It seems that Bolton is one former member of the Trump administration that won’t be keeping his mouth shut and allowing this sorry excuse for a president to continue to push his false narratives.

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