Journalist Claims Marjorie Taylor Greene Plans To Attend Iowa State Fair And It’s “Sparking Questions” That She May Be Eyeing A White House Run

Dear God, NO!

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If there’s one thing Donald Trump actually accomplished after winning the 206 presidential election and spending four long years in the White House it was establishing the idea that if a washed-up reality TV “star” and real estate “mogul” living on his dead daddy’s money could be president, then “anyone” can be.

And it seems as though there may be a slight possibility that none other than Majorie Taylor Greene took that to heart.

Greene is undoubtedly one of the nuttiest nutcases to ever be puked forth from the Republican party — spreading numerous QAnon conspiracy theories ranging from faked school shootings meant to take guns away from the American people to forest fires deliberately started by the Rothschild family and former California Gov. Jerry Brown with a giant space laser  — and Bloomberg News journalist Jennifer Jacobs now reports that the GOP Congresswoman’s upcoming schedule has people wondering if she’s eyeing a shot at the White House.

Apparently, Greene has plans to attend the Iowa State Fair. Now, in and of itself, that doesn’t sound like a very big deal. However, when you take into consideration that politicians looking at a presidential run almost always utilize this particular venue, it kinda makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene, GOP congresswoman from Georgia, plans to appear at Iowa State Fair Aug. 19, sources tell me,” Jacobs reports in a tweet. “The fair is a traditional venue for politicians contemplating presidential campaigns, so it’s sparking questions about whether @mtgreenee may try to seek WH.”

Jacobs followed that up with a second tweet, reading, ” It’s not yet clear whether Marjorie Taylor Greene will speak at Iowa State Fair or just attend it. Des Moines Register this year isn’t organizing a Soap Box, which politicians in the past have used to raise their profiles for a national campaign,” accompanied by her report with Bloomberg. 

Greene has yet to serve even a full year in her position as a United States House Representative and in that time has already managed to land herself a removal from her committee assignments for reasons such as but not limited to calling for the execution of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

We would like to personally note here that Greene has not made any announcements or even indications that she will be running for president of the United States in 2024 or any other future election. The speculations that have currently sparked are due only to her plans to attend the Iowa State Fair and the fact that it has been used by politicians with presidential aspirations in the past.

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