Journalist David Schuster Claims Ted Cruz And Family Flew To Cancun As Millions In Texas Are Without Power And Water

What a soulless git.

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is being blasted over unverified images circulating on Twitter that appear to show him taking a flight with his wife out of the storm-ravaged state. Reuters reports that hundreds of thousands of Texas homes are enduring a fourth day without heat on Thursday amid the winter storm that crippled the electrical grid in the state. Millions of Texans are without food, and there is a boil advisory with water. So, where is Cruz in all of this?

Twitter sleuths are suggesting that the Texas Republican took a flight to sunny Cancun, Mexico. At the same time, residents in his state are left without power and water, all while suffering through the raging pandemic, too.

Journalist David Schuster said the claims had been confirmed.

CNN’s Manu Raju hasn’t been able to get a response from Cruz’s office.

Oh, Fox News, too.

A colleague of Cruz’s confirmed it, too.

Twitter users are rightfully pissed off.

Cruz previously said he would “work tirelessly” for his constituents.

Texas could have had this guy:

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That’s some terrible optics, Ted.

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