Justice Served: A Belligerent, Intoxicated Passenger Reportedly Canned From Their Job After They Allegedly Hurled The N-Word At A Delta Flight Attendant

People are so sick.

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This world we live in just keeps getting worse and worse. Every day, it’s something new that makes me question whatever faith I have left in humanity. But every once in a while, we will see justice served, and it keeps us going another day.

According to a new report from the Lincoln Journal Star, an individual has been fired from their position at the Omaha software company Buildertrend, after they allegedly hurled the N-word at a black flight attendant on a Delta airline flight over the mask guideline amid the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.

Several passengers on the Delta flight from Omaha to New York claimed there was a group of people who had been drinking and appeared to be intoxicated upon boarding the flight. Once on the aircraft, passengers claim the group of intoxicated individuals, many of whom were wearing masks with the Buildertrend logo emblazoned on them, continued to become rowdier and rowdier. One individual who was on the Delta flight in question, Laura Austin, alleged that a Black flight attendant made her way to the back of the plane to talk to the group of rowdy passengers and attempt to settle them down at they were disturbing other people on the flight. But the flight attendant ultimately came back up to the front of the plane some time later appearing “very shaken.”

Austin claimed, “She told us that she asked some people to put their masks on, and someone called her the N-word.”

Buildertrend CEO Dan Houghton released a statement following the publicity of the racist attack, issuing an apology and claiming that the matter is now under investigation by “internal and external parties to learn as much as possible so that we can take appropriate action.”

“We sincerely apologize to the passengers and employees of Delta Air Lines; to our employees and customers; our partners in business and philanthropy; and to the communities we serve,” Houghton’s statement read.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports:

In the Monday incident, the plane, which had begun to taxi for takeoff, returned to the gate, Austin said, and everyone on board was told to get off. After airport police investigated, she said, ‘noticeably fewer people’ from the Buildertrend group got back on the plane. Austin said someone from Delta then came onto the plane to talk to the flight attendant, who was upset because two of the four people who she said had been causing problems earlier were back on the plane. Austin said the flight attendant told the Delta official that she did not want to fly with those two on the plane, so they were escorted off.”

The publication asserts that the employee who used the racial slur against the flight attendant was fired from their position with Buildertrend.

You can read the full report from the Lincoln Journal Star here.

Featured image via RawPixel/U.S. Government Public Domain 

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