Kim Guilfoyle Reportedly Bragged To Donors That She Dresses Up As A “S*xy Cheerleader” For “Naughty Boy” Don Junior

Oooooooh nooooooooo.

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In case you were sitting around enjoying your life and possibly your lunch, allow me to completely screw that up for you real quick.

A report from The Mercury News has just ruined the day for all of us after revealing that former Fox News personality and current piece of ass to Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, apparently bragged to potential donors during Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign that she occasionally “entertains” the eldest Trump spawn by dressing up as a “sexy cheerleader.” To be even more specific, a “sexy cheerleader” of the Dallas Cowboys variety.

I’ll give you a second to settle from the cringe and gag before I make it that much worse.


The bombshell new book from the Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, tells of the incident that was later reported on by the Daily Mail. Apparently, Guilfoyle, who was infamously let go from her position at Fox News for allegations of sexual harassment, “enjoyed giving donors ‘an unwanted glimpse’ into her personal life with Donald Trump Jr., saying that the president’s oldest son liked her to dress up as a sexy cheerleader.”

To make matters that much worse, the report goes on to add that the former wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom also revealed: “how she called her boyfriend a ‘naughty boy’ when she ‘let him out of his cage.'”

I told you it was gonna get worse.

This isn’t the first time Guilfoyle has made us collectively cringe when it comes to her less-than-private private life. Back last year, we reported that Guilfoyle, while acting as part of the 2020 Trump campaign financial team, had allegedly offered a lap dance to the largest donor at a fundraising event.

POLITICO reported at the time that senior Trump campaign officials “…had been getting reports that Guilfoyle had been berating her staff. Appearing together at fundraisers, Guilfoyle and her boyfriend, Donald Trump Jr., would banter in sexually suggestive ways that made some donors uncomfortable.”

“During an event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last year, Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. joked about how she raised money in hot tubs,” the report goes on to note.

I apologize for all the money you’re about to spend in search of brain bleach.

You can read more here.

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