LA Republican Official And Pastor Has Reportedly Been Arrested For Child Cruelty Over Allegations That He Taped Children’s Mouths Shut At The Christian School He Runs

This is sick.

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A disturbing new report from the Lafayette Daily Advertiser has revealed that one Louisiana pastor and Republican party official has apparently been arrested on charges of child cruelty after he allegedly taped the mouths of multiple children shut at the Christian school where he serves as headmaster.

Rev. John Raymond serves as the credentials committee chair of the Louisiana Republican Party State Central Committee.

Greg Hilburn reports for the local publication, “Raymond is headmaster of the non-denominational Lakeside Christian School in Slidell. ‘Our students are encouraged to walk daily with Christ as they grow in maturity and stature surrounded by a dedicated, nurturing faculty,’ Lakeside’s website describes the school. But WWL reported three students and their parents said the children were brought by Raymond to his office, where the children’s mouths were closed with packing tape that wrapped around their heads.”

The report claims that Raymond put tape over the children’s mouths as punishment for talking too much in class.

“WWL’s report said the children were sent back to class with the tape wrapped around their heads and mouths for 45 minutes ‘until another school administrator began feeling uncomfortable about the situation and used scissors to remove the tape,'” the report reads, noting that the victimized children complained of pain and struggling to breathe while their mouths were taped shut.

In his position as the credentials committee chair of the Louisiana Republican Party State Central Committee, Raymond is tasked with determining if there is a quorum during meetings. He is also reportedly a failed contestant on the TV show Survivor. A tabloid story on the season that featured Raymond described the pastor as “bossy, dominating” and that he “irritated his tribemates.”

This news comes amid multiple Republican-led states trying to pass heinous laws that would ban the discussion of gender and sexuality in grade schools, under the guise of “parental rights.” Meanwhile, their own people are out here literally, physically assaulting children. But okay.

Featured image via Slidell Police 

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