Lara Trump Just Posted The Most Bizarre Slow Motion Video Of Herself And It’s Making People A Little Nauseous: “Narcissists Gotta Narcissist”

What is she doing?

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Has anyone checked in on Lara Trump lately? I’m a bit worried about her. First, the former President’s daughter-in-law took to social media to post a bizarre video of herself drinking a glass of shitty Trump wine with her little daughter standing beside her, crying her eyes out.

And now, Lara Narcissticus posted a video on Instagram of her walking in slow motion across the floor of what looks like a dance floor to Sage the Gemini’s “Tick Tick Boom.”


Twitter users piled in.

I realize that she thinks she’s all that, but she married Eric Trump. Eric Trump. Who would marry that thing? Well, that could be why she looks like she’s cruising for a guy. All of the adults in the Trump family seem to be wholly messed up and unrelatable.  It’s as if they think they are royalty. Maybe she’s making an exit since half of that family could end up behind bars.

Featured image via screen capture

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