Lara Trump Posts Video Of Her Drinking Trump Wine While Her Daughter Is Screaming Beside Her And Social Media Takes Her Parenting Skills To Task

Girl, this ain't cute.

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Listen, I am the first person to wholeheartedly support a glass of wine after a long day at work, parenting, or just a long day in general. My name is top of the list on petitions for marijuana to be federally legalized. I am also a parent myself — so I know, firsthand, how hard it can be just to keep up with day-to-day life as a parent.

Trust me when I say, if there’s anyone on the face of the earth that’s as non-judgemental as they come, it’s me. If you drink, smoke, have an Amazon addiction, whatever gets you through your day, I get it. And I support you. But what I don’t support is this “Mommy wine culture” we’ve bred and nurtured in our society. Typically speaking, it hails from well-to-do white women who publicly rail against alcoholism, fight against the legalization of marijuana, tout the “war on drugs” to make opioids a thing of the past, even for those who need them, and go to numerous PTA meetings to fight against vapes — only to go home and chug 3 bottles of wine before bed, documenting it on their Instagram as “mommy’s me time.”

In most cases, it’s alcoholism. It’s just deemed okay because it’s wrapped in a nice, neat, middle-class white mom bow.

Prime example of what I’m talking about here?

See exhibit A: Lara Trump.

The ex-president’s daughter-in-law took to her Twitter account recently with a video of herself — in which she’s sipping Trump brand wine (can’t ever forget the grift, folks) as her daughter stands beside her, screaming her head off.

The video pans to show the Trump Wine label as well as a Trump-branded candle burning. Eric Trump’s wife captioned the clip, “Complete relaxation” complete with the praying hands emoji and a tag at Trump Winery.

Apparently, the former First Daughter-In-Law finds it cute to essentially ignore her screaming child while tossing back some shitty wine from her father-in-law’s brand and it’s just supposed to be okay because, hey, she’s not cool with weed and she’s white as paper.

It almost seemed as though Lara was attempting to be relatable with all the other “wine moms” on Twitter, but most of those in her comments weren’t buying it. Instead, they were rightfully calling her out on her seemingly lackluster parenting skills:

Look, Lara, we get it. The grift must go on — how else would you earn the Trump family allowance? If I had to wake up next to Eric every day, I’d probably drink too. But maybe don’t do it while you’re flanked by your screaming child, huh?

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