Legal Experts Slammed Trump With Bad News, Claimed Scandal Leaves DOJ With “No Choice” But To Indict The Corrupt Ex-President

It's over, Donnie boy.

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Recently, a bombshell report from the New York Times made waves in the media, alleging that the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta resigned on January 4 in lieu of being fired by then-President Donald Trump after he downright refused to corroborate Donald’s Big Lie and publicly declare that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and wrought with massive voter fraud as Trump has continually claimed.

Now, multiple legal experts are weighing in on the new reporting and some are saying that it may be the end of Donald Trump’s freedom as an American citizen, as this newest development could very well leave the Department of Justice with “no choice” but to indict the former guy.

Byung Pak was appointed to the U.S. Attorney in mid 2017. Mere hours after top DOJ officials warned and/or pressured him on January 3rd, saying that he would be fired if he didn’t back Trump’s claims, Pak submitted his letter of resignation to then-President Trump.

Pak told the Senate Judiciary Committee his story.

Attorney Ron Filipkowski, a former Republican flipped Democrat, said, “DOJ has no choice now, they must open a criminal investigation on Trump.”

But Ron wasn’t the only one to weigh in with such sentiments.

Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman who now serves as a constitutional law professor at U.C. San Diego and Los Angeles labeled it as “repugnant.”

Former Dept. of Defense Special Counsel Ryan Goodman also weighed in, saying there is “Mounting evidence of Donald Trump’s criminal intent under federal and Georgia state law.”

Goodman goes on to call the latest news a ” potpourri of criminal provisions potentially apply.”

Harry Litman even adds that the firing may have been unconstitutional:

Long story short, folks, Trump is screwed.

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