Maggie Haberman Scored Leaked Emails Showing Trump’s Allies Panicking That They Would “Appear Treasonous” For Joining The Fake Elector Plot To Keep Donald In Power

His own people knew better.

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It looks like New York Times correspondent and so-called “Trump Whisperer” Maggie Haberman has managed to get her hands on yet another brutal inside scoop into the scandal-ridden Trump World — this time, reportedly obtaining a leaked email that showed two key Trump allies had been expressing their worry and panic that they would “appear treasonous” if they joined in on the fake elector plot that Donald’s closest allies and insiders were putting together as part of their scheme to keep the one-term, twice-impeached former guy in power.

Haberman, in collaboration with her fellow Times reporter Luke Broadwater, revealed that the leaked email showed that none other than top Trump ally and chair of the Arizona Republican Party Kelli Ward, along with Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend, had been expressing less than full support for the illegal scheme that Trump insiders were hoping would help to overthrow Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential win.

Haberman reveals that she obtained the aforementioned email from Kenneth Chesebro, who personally served on the Trump campaign election legal team, in which Cheseboro has expressed that both Ward and Townsend weren’t entirely on board due to their concerns about not actually committing treason, but appearing to do so. In his communications with his legal team colleagues, Kenneth personally notes that the two nervous Trump allies have “a valid point,” and drew a clear contrast between the slate of fake Trump electors vs. “legitimate ones.”

Cheseboro’s email read:

I just got off the phone with Mayor Giuliani.

I told him that 3 days ago, you had told me you planned to seek cert. from the AZ Sup Ct’s dismissal of the case (on grounds of due process denial, and the unconstitutionally of the Electoral Count Act, which I told you, and him, I find plausible).

Do you still plan to do this? If so, can you get the cert. petition on file by Monday?

Reason is that Kelli Ward & Kelly Townsend just spoke to the Mayor about the campaign’s request that all electors vote Monday in all contested states.

Ward and Townsend are concerned it could appear treasonous for the AZ electors to vote on Monday if there is no pending court proceeding that might, eventually, lead to the electors being ratified as the legitimate ones.

Which is a valid point — in the Hawaii 1960 incident, when the Kennedy electors voted there was a pending recount.”

Both Ward and Townsend have recently been officially subpoenaed by the United States Justice Department in connection to the DOJ’s ongoing investigation into Donald Trump’s fake elector plot.

Read the full report from the New York Times here.

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