Majorie Taylor Greene Just Stood On The House Floor And Screeched Her Demands That “This Government Should Be Shut Down!”

She can't stop herself.

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Controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to have a constant need for attention. As a Friday deadline fast approaches, lawmakers scramble to approve another continuing resolution (CR), but Greene doesn’t want a short-term spending bill. She wants to shut the government down that she works for — well, she doesn’t do her job.  And she knows full well that if the CR passes by Friday, lawmakers will narrowly avoid a government shutdown, but she likes chaos. Or perhaps she wants to appear as if she’s some sort of tea party warrior. Everything she does is for optics.

Some conservative Republicans want to curb the funding to enforce President Biden’s vaccine mandate, so they, too, want to shut the government down. At any rate, Marje took to the House floor to air out her demands, calling it “outrageous” to keep the government open.

“What an irresponsibility,” she said. “That isn’t courage. That is not responsibility. That is out of control behavior that this Congress needs to rein in. This government should be shut down! You wanna know why it should be shut down? Because of the people in here.”

“The people in here cannot control themselves,” she continued. “The people in here don’t understand how to balance a checkbook. And the people in here do not deserve the responsibility on how to spend the American people’s money. Twenty-nine trillion dollars! Twenty-nine trillion dollars, Madam Speaker. Shut it down! Do not pass this CR! Shut it down!”

Watch this hot mess:

When Republicans were trying to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that was signed into law by former President Donald Trump, several prominent conservatives, including Republicans in the House and Senate, claimed that the act would either increase revenues or at least pay for itself and yet, that never happened. According to official projections, that tax cut increased future deficits by almost $2 trillion over a decade. The junior Congresswoman just lectured other members of the House as if she knows so much more than they do. I doubt she realizes how a government shutdown would inconvenience Americans, or maybe she doesn’t care. That’s why when she claims to be the “most effective member of Congress,” people laugh.

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