Manhattan DA Is Reportedly Convening New Grand Jury For Trump Organization Case And It Could Come With Even More Charges For The Ex-President

This is bad, bad news for Donnie.

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I’m willing to bet my last dollar that Donald Trump’s mood got a hell of a lot worse after a recent report from The Washington Post revealed that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is currently in the process of convening a brand new grand jury in connection to their case against the ex-president’s business, the Trump Organization — and with it could come a brand new batch of charges for the one-term, twice-impeached former guy and his company.

The Post reports that the new grand jury was officially seated last week and is “expected to meet three days a week over six months.” During these meetings, the new panel of jurors will hear all of the evidence that has been compiled against the Trump Organization that may point to criminal wrongdoing.

An earlier grand jury that was also compiled by the Manhattan DA’s office charged longtime Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg with tax fraud earlier this year.

The Post spoke with sources who say that the new grand jury panel “was expected to examine how former president Donald Trump’s company valued its assets,” with the publication going on to note “appears to be a separate issue than the one described in indictments from the first grand jury, which has dealt with allegations that Weisselberg and other Trump executives evaded taxes on their pay by systematically hiding some of their compensation from the IRS.”

Back in 2019, Trump’s former personal attorney and self-described “fixer” Michael Cohen testified under oath before Congress and asserted that the now-ex-president would intentionally misrepresent the value of his assets in an effort to lessen his ultimate tax bill.

Thus far, former President Trump himself has not been charged with any crimes in connection to the Trump Organization probe headed by the Manhattan DA’s office, however, numerous employees and the company itself has.

You can read the full report from The Washington Post here.

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