Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Her A*s Handed To Her By Her Own Constituents During A Painfully Awkward Live Call-In Show: “An Embarrassment To The State Of Georgia”


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One of the Republican Party’s most notable stooges, Marjorie Taylor Greene, got the embarrassment of a lifetime while also being the embarrassment of a lifetime after her very own constituents brutally slammed her with criticism during a live call-in TV show.

The Right-wing, nutcase House Rep. had joined in on North Georgia’s UCTV program, Night Talk, where she took phone calls from the very people she represents from her position in Congress. While it certainly went the way we pretty much expected it to, I don’t think it went the way Greene was hoping for.

During her appearance on the call-in show, Greene was absolutely hammered with brutal criticism from local Georgians who not only heaped their praises on President Joe Biden for Marjorie to hear but did not hold back their attacks against the congresswoman for her relentless efforts to repeatedly cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.

One Georgian caller even went so far as to slam Greene as “an embarrassment to Georgia” — all on live TV.

“Yes, I just want to say, ‘Thank god for Joe Biden,'” one woman who called into the show stated. “She is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia.”

One of the hosts of the show stepped in and tried to do some quick damage control, telling the angry caller, “Well, we all have our opinions.”

But she wasn’t backing down.

“Amen to that,” the woman on the phone fired back at the host, “and I’ve got mine.”

And trust me, Marjorie’s live, on-air flogging didn’t stop there.

It wasn’t long before Greene was caught in the crosshairs of yet another painfully awkward moment when another caller explained to the conspiracy theorist Right-wing House Rep. that she was not a supporter of former President Donald Trump, but she had enough sense to accept his election win as factual back in 2016. She went on to deride Greene for not having the same maturity and common sense when it came to Trump’s 2020 election loss.

“We accepted Trump for four years, you all refuse to accept Biden. You refuse to do it,” the caller fumed at Greene. “Maybe we didn’t like Trump, but he won and so that was it.”

“You’re not going to accept it,” she went on to add. “You’re going to keep on, and keep on, and peck, peck, peck. And you’re not going to get anything done.”

For someone who’s usually so very mouthy, Greene sat quietly with a rather embarrassed look on her face throughout her numerous public roastings.

I mean, what is there to really say, huh, Marje?

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