Melania Appears To Have Trouble Reading Teleprompter During Speech For Women Of Distinction Award

Did she learn that trick from her hubby?

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There is a whole slew of things that the Trump family as a whole is pretty well known for — their nut-job right-wing birtherism conspiracy theories, their blatant displays of racism, nepotism, sexism, and misogyny, and their public heartlessness towards immigrants in this nation, despite the fact that Melania herself is an immigrant (and has yet to prove with certainty that she’s a “legal” one).

But out of the whole Trump crew, not a single one of them seems to be known for their ability to deliver a good speech. As a matter of fact, almost every member of the Trump family often appears to struggle to even keep their public addresses remotely coherent.

Now, Donald makes a show out of this pretty much every single time he opens his mouth in public. Honestly, it’s kind of become a thing at this point. But given his wife’s typical desire to stay out of her husband’s spotlight, it’s a lot less often that we’re “graced” with a speech from Melania Trump. However, on the rare occasion that it does happen, we’re quickly reminded that Donnie’s mail-order bride doesn’t tackle that teleprompter that Trump swore he’d never use (because “OBAMA!”) any more proficiently than he does.

Today, Melania Trump was recognized by Palm Beach Atlantic University, a tiny little college no more than a rock’s pitch down the road from Donald’s Mar-a-Lago resort, as their 2020 “Woman of Distinction.” I could go on about that load of crap for hours. So let’s just all agree that it’s bullshit and move on, shall we?

As a result of the award, Melania gave an acceptance speech to the University students and faculty this afternoon. And to be quite honest, you could instantly tell that she seemed more than a little uncomfortable with giving her public address.

Throughout the course of the speech, the First Lady appeared to struggle hard with what we’re all assuming was reading the teleprompter containing her speech. Several times she stuttered, paused for an uncomfortable length of time, and stumbled over her words as she attempted to brag on the success of this administration — much in the same fashion as her hubby.

For someone that allegedly speaks half a dozen languages fluently, Mel didn’t appear to be able to spit out English. Unsurprisingly, Twitter users were quick to take notice:

Now, I’m not here to poke fun at anyone’s English. That’s not what this is about. But if you’re not comfortable with speaking in public or reading from a teleprompter, maybe just… Don’t?

You can watch the clip here:

Featured image via screen capture

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