White House Reporter Claims That Designers Won’t Work With Melania, Leaving Her To Buy Her Clothes Online

No one wants to be anywhere near her!

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Melania Trump has had a rough go of it lately. It seems that the effects of being married to such a blowhard douchebag with a bad fake tan and a tiny dick complex are beginning to catch up to her. Just looking at her face any time she has to be within a few feet of her husband proves that she’s just barely holding her composure — her presence at Donald’s Fourth of July debacle where she could barely hold her head up straight is a fine example of what I’m talking about.

She hasn’t been seen with her hubby much lately and new reports are even swirling now suggesting that she’s jumped ship with her young son Barron and high tailed it to her parents’ home in Potomac. But it seems that even escaping the White House isn’t enough to escape the lasting consequences of her association to Mr. Bonespurs-in-Chief himself.

According to new reports, and a special report from CNN’s White House Reporter Kate Bennett, Melania can’t even partake in her first love anymore: Fashion.

Bennett noted during her special report that Melania seems to be stuck buying all her clothes online, like the rest of us poor common folk, because all of the reputable designers have no desire to touch anyone in that administration with a 10-foot pole.

CNN hosted fashion critic Robin Givhan who explained, “With Mrs. Obama and even prior with Mrs. Bush, designers would create looks specifically for that first lady. What they were essentially saying (with Melania) is I don’t want to collaborate on a special ensemble for this first lady because they’re not supportive of the administration.”

I would say I feel bad for her. But I honestly don’t. And neither does most of the rest of the country. You play with fire, you wind up burnt. If tacky outfits that she was forced to buy online is the worst reparation she suffers for associating herself with a monster like Trump — well, she got off lucky if you ask me.

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