Melania Trump’s Office Responds To Criticism Surrounding Her Changes To White House Rose Garden And People Have Some Thoughts

Go away, lady.

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Melania Trumpp fired back over criticism of her redesigning the Rose Garden that was revealed on August 22 last year ahead of the former first lady’s Republican National Convention speech delivered from the Rose Garden. Melania’s version does have roses, but the design is very bland and very white. Melania was trending on Twitter after presidential historian Michael Bechloss launched a tweet to criticize her redecorations, and the former first lady took issue with that. Melania, like her husband, is very thin-skinned.

Mel wasn’t too happy about that.

Twitter users piled in.

The least popular first lady in the history of polling should have other things to worry about. Like, will her husband be charged with the crimes he committed while in office, for example? Her husband is mentally ill, claiming he won the presidential election he lost over eight months ago, and she’s upset that a historian criticized her revamp of the rose garden.

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617 points