Melania Trump’s Old Aide And Ex-Best Friend Broke Her Silence On What Will Happen If “Vapid” Former First Lady Returns To The WH: “The Most Tragic Thing For Our Country”

Melania is a far bigger concern than what we're giving her credit for.

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Anyone with any sense across this country is currently terrified at the mere prospect of Donald Trump successfully returning to the White House — and rightfully so, considering the man has been found liable for literally raping a woman, is drowning under more lawsuits, trials, and investigations than the average person can keep track of, and currently has a historical 91 criminal indictments hanging over his head with more almost sure to come down any moment now.

The fear of a Trump comeback is palpable, it’s real, and it’s the most valid fear this country has ever been subjected to.

But one former, very close insider is now speaking out and warning the country that Donald isn’t the only person we should be terrified of — Melania Trump is more of a threat than we’re giving her credit for.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was once one of Melania Trump’s very closest, personal friends, for over a decade, and even served as the then-first lady’s aide for a short period of time. But Winston Wilkoff — who penned the 2020 tell-all book Melania and Me about her 15-year friendship with the Slovenian immigrant turned United States first lady — learned her lesson the hard way about just how fast the Trumps are willing to turn on anyone to save their own skin.

Since then, Wolkoff has been a vocal critic of her former best friend and the Trump crime family as a whole, serving to expose a lot of the ex-first lady’s very worst-kept secrets.

Speaking of her former best friend, who’s on the path of return to the White House on her husband’s coattails, Winston Wolkoff explained, “It’s very easy to use words, and that’s who Melania is.”

“She can talk about independence, she can talk about grace, but they’re empty words, they mean nothing,” Melania’s former best friend said before pointedly warning that Melania returning to the position of First Lady of the United States would be “the most tragic thing for our country.”

“Giving her that platform [would] do positively, absolutely nothing, except create more controversy,” Stephanie said.

Melania Trump has been noticeably absent from the spotlight since her husband’s brutal election loss in 2020, only making the very rare public appearance alongside her family here and there. While speculations have long been swirling about what Melania is up to in the shadows, Wolkoff said, without a doubt, that Melania’s secretive lifestyle is absolutely “by design.”

“If she says nothing, there is nothing for anyone to report. If she doesn’t give an interview, there is nothing for anyone to say,” Winston Wolkoff said of the former first lady.

However, on the other side of the same coin, Stephanie said that Melania manipulates her private lifestyle, spurring questions about her whereabouts to “stay relevant.”

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