Melania’s Ex-Best Friend Issued A Blood-Curdling Public Warning About Women And Donald Trump

She is desperately trying to warn us while we still stand a chance.

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Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was once one of Melania Trump’s closest friends and confidants and was even one of the very first people Melania chose as an aide inside the White House when she first became the First Lady of the United States on her husband’s coattails.

But now, the woman who was once a best friend has now turned into one of the Trump family’s biggest and most vocal critics, after Winston Wolkoff learned the true colors of the Trump family in the hardest, most personal way possible. Now… She’s trying like Hell to warn us away from making the same mistakes she did.

Stephanie was personally thrown under the bus by the Trumps without a second thought and now, with the 2024 presidential election just around the corner and the scandal-plagued, 91-time indicted former president still coming in as the Republican frontrunner, she is shouting from the rooftops about what Donald Trump is undoubtedly going to do to the American people — and specifically to the women of this nation.

Recently, Winston Wolkoff took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and warned the masses, “CHOICE is STILL a part of YOUR life. CHOICE is still on the 2024 ballot. If you vote for Donald Trump ALL choice will be gone just like WOMEN’s choice!”

Melania’s former best friend was, of course, referring to the overturning of Roe V. Wade by the United States Supreme Court, something Trump has long been publicly taking credit for.

“Donald Trump brags, ‘I was able to kill Roe v. Wade,’ embracing his role in ending the half-century precedent that protected abortion rights nationwide,” she wrote. “Donald Trump brags, ‘I want to be a dictator for one day.’ You can either vote for the 81-year-old Democrat in 2024 and vote for whoever you want again in 2028 or you can vote for the 77-year-old Republican and then … NEVER VOTE AGAIN!”

It is high time that we start taking these warnings seriously… Before it’s too late.

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