Melania’s Face Appeared Absolutely Disgusted While Standing Next To Her Husband During The World Series

Oof. She couldn't hide it.

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So, look… We’ve all known in our heart of hearts for years now that Melania Trump isn’t actually all that fond of her husband. Frankly, I don’t know what their relationship was like before Donald was president; I didn’t care about the two-bit reality TV washup enough to even notice prior to 2016. However, once the man started ripping our country to pieces from the inside out, his seemingly strained marriage with third wife Melania was damn near impossible to ignore.

While Melania herself never outright confirmed that she hates her husband’s guts, more than a few things made it pretty evident to outsiders. We watched, on numerous occasions over those long four years, as the then-First Lady swatted her presidential husband’s hand away when he tried to hold hers, rebuffed his signs of affection such as hugs or kisses, and just seemed overall disinterested in him, what he was doing, or what he had to say at any given moment.

Some people thought it might have been the stress of Trump’s powerful position that put such a strain on the Trumps’ relationship. After all, it was pretty clear that being First Lady of the United States really wasn’t high on the former Slovenian “model’s” to-do list.

But that ain’t it.

Donald’s presidency may have birthed the Trumps’ marital problems, but his departure from the White House certainly hasn’t seemed to fix it.

Tonight, after boycotting baseball for about 6 months, Donald Trump returned to the sport by attending Game 4 of the World Series. Reports on Twitter have indicated that the reception to him was pretty mixed, with a combo of apparent boos and cheers. But it seemed that one person in particular clearly was not a fan — his own wife.

Video footage of the former First Couple in their suite at this evening’s World Series Game 4 was posted to Twitter by MeidasTouch and, frankly, it looks like Melania would rather be just about anywhere else in the entire world than by her husband at that moment.

Take a look for yourself:

Of course, it’s impossible for us to confirm if the nasty, NASTY look on Mel’s face was aimed at her husband or if she was just coincidentally disgusted by something completely different at the time. However… My money’s on Donald as the source of her obvious discomfort.

Social media users resoundingly agree:

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Look, I know Melania Trump has never been known for being all smiles. But that look goes far and beyond resting bitch face. Whatever that look was aimed at (**cough** Trump **cough**), that is a look of pure, deep disgust and hatred. No more, no less.

Featured image via screen capture

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