Melania’s Former BFF Released New Tapes And They Could Be Damaging To The Former First Lady


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Recently, former First Lady Melania Trump’s old pal and advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff told the world that there’s more to come in regard to her revelations about now-former first family, now that the Department of Justice has dropped their lawsuit against her.

And folks, she’s already making good on that promise.

As we all know, Wolkoff found herself embroiled in a trademark Trump scandal surrounding finances connected to Donald’s inauguration only to be pretty much dumped by the Trump’s as soon as people began to ask questions and the finger pointed at her for all the “missing money.”

It was then that Wolkoff began to record conversations between herself and her friend as what we assume was a bit of an insurance policy for when or if the Trumps ultimately turned on her.

We’ve already heard some of what Melania’s former friend has stashed — no one will soon forget the whole “f*cking Christmas” ordeal. But now with the Trumps out of the White House and the DOJ off her back, Wolkoff is forking over even more to offer the American people a glimpse into the deceit and corruption that goes on inside the Trump family.

Recently, Winston Wolkoff made an appearance on the Meidas Touch podcast, where she played some news tapes featuring the then First Lady touching on the scandal that got Wolkoff “fired.”

In the tape, Wolkoff appears to be confronting Melania Trump over her firing only for Melania to claim that she wasn’t fired, they just needed to distance themselves.

We’re not attorneys. We don’t know what constitutes a cover-up or corruption or anything else. All I know is what’s on that tape is not flattering for Melania Trump or her husband.

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