Michael Cohen Has A Brutal Warning For Rudy “Collude-y” Giuliani, “Scared” Trump Is Looking To Make The Former Attorney His Next Scapegoat: “They’re Going To Throw Him Under The Bus”

Brace for it, Rudy. It's coming.

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I’ve said it before, a thousand times over if I’ve said it once — I truly don’t believe there is a single living soul walking the face of this earth that Donald J. Trump would not throw under the bus in an effort to save himself. No one is safe in his presence. Not his wife, not his nieces or nephews, not his friends and allies and former or current staff members, not even his own children, and damn sure not Rudy Giuliani.

One of Donald Trump’s former personal attorneys, and infamously self-described “fixer,” Micheal Cohen, said as much today when he publicly theorized that his former boss Donald Trump is teeing up to make the ex-attorney and former mayor of New York City his next scapegoat, as the corrupt ex-president drowns in a level of scandal he’s never experienced before.

Cohen offered up his analysis, based on his own personal experiences with the former reality TV washup turned ex-president, during an appearance with CNN’s Don Lemon, where he said matter-of-factly, “the next scapegoat is going to be Rudy ‘Collude-y’ Giuliani.”

“I believe that everybody likes a bargain, but Donald Trump really likes a bargain,” Cohen, who’s personally been on the short end of the Trump stick, said during the segment. “And I believe that Rudy is like a BOGO — Buy one, get one half off. They’re going to throw him under the bus for Mar-a-Lago. And at the same time, they’re going to throw him under the bus for Georgia.”

To make matters that much worse for Rudy, he is currently the subject of an ongoing criminal probe in the state of Georgia, in relation to Donald Trump’s efforts to pressure the GA secretary of state into helping him overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Cohen went on to refer to the former president as “Captain Chaos,” before explaining that Trump’s usual tactic in situations such as this is to “throw as much at the American public that he can in order to confuse them.”

“He truly believes that the American public has like a two-day — maybe, if you’re bright, a three-day window of remembering what’s going on,” he explained, seemingly to further confirm past reports that Donald Trump doesn’t actually think all that highly of the American people he supposedly loves and wants to protect.

“He’s scared of the documents that they now have possession and control over because this is documentary evidence,”  the former fixer went on to add. “This is evidence that they can use against him.”

Brace yourself, Rudy. You know it’s coming.

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