Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Releases Secret Trump Tapes, And We Have The Audio

This is not going to be good for Trump - at all.

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A major hole in Donald Trump’s hush money defense has just been exposed, and it’s about to blow the whole thing up for the president.

Trump has been devastated that his own former longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, looks like he’s going to flip for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. At the heart of Trump’s biggest fears was the recent knowledge of a conversation between the two men that Cohen had secretly recorded.

To make matters worse for Trump, CNN has not only gotten hold of the secret tape but the network just aired it on “Cuomo Prime Time” thanks to Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis.  The conversation on the tapes is between Trump and Cohen, in which they discussed payment to Playboy model Karen McDougal, who has claimed to have had an affair with Trump.

The bit that is getting blown up for Trump is the part about whose idea it was to make the payment in cash. Trump and his current lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, have insisted that it was Cohen’s idea, which would protect Trump from some very serious wrongdoing. However, on the tape those words were heard coming out of Trump’s mouth. Finally, the lies are being exposed.

During the conversation, Cohen tells Trump that he wants to set up a company to finance the rights to McDougal’s story. He says to Trump, “I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David.”

Trump asks him, “What financing?” And Cohen says, “We’ll have to pay.”

Unfortunately, the audio is a bit muffled after that but Trump can definitely be heard saying “pay with cash.”

And just like that, Trump’s argument falls apart. This is going to be REALLY bad news for Trump’s investigations!

You can listen to the leaked audio below, available in two parts:

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