Mike Pence Appears To Welcome Republican Senators’ Efforts To Overturn The Election And Steal Biden’s Presidency

He makes me sick.

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As I am sure you’ve noticed by now, more than a few Republican members of Congress have seemingly made it their life’s mission to overturn the results of this presidential election to somehow secure a second term for Donald Trump that he did not earn — almost undoubtedly because they’re just as corrupt as he is and are desperate for the cover of a corrupt president, or they’re scared of the ramifications and revenge that Trump will likely rain down on their heads if they don’t do everything they can to try to pull this off for him. But whatever their reasoning behind their political suicide may be, if you were finding yourself hoping that Vice President Mike Pence would grow a pair and somehow serve as a voice of reason in this whole debacle, you can stop holding your breath now — because that will happen about the time pigs take flight in the skies.

We’ve recently reported that several GOPers, both in the Senate and the House, intend to refuse to certify the electoral college results that make Joe Biden the clear winner of the election and the next President of the United States. And now, in a move that was wholly disgusting and equally unsurprising, VP Pence has seemingly thrown his support behind these traitorous sore losers in Congress.

In a short statement that was reported by CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short spoke on behalf of the Vice President, saying, “Vice President Pence shares the concerns of millions of Americans about voter fraud and irregularities in the last election. The Vice President welcomes the efforts of members of the House and Senate to use the authority they have under the law to raise objections and bring forward evidence before the Congress and the American people on January 6th.”

I honestly and truly wish that I could say I’m surprised. But at the end of the day, as with most things hailing from the Trump administration, I’m just disgusted and disheartened. These people truly will stop at nothing, there is no low to which they won’t sink, to steal an election in broad daylight, right before our eyes. What little shame they had has run dry and their desperation rampant. And I simply cannot wait for the day that they become nothing more than the disgraced, criminal washups they truly are.

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