Mike Pence Just Tried To Attack VP Kamala Harris Over Her Criticism Of Leaked Anti-Abortion Draft Ruling And It Didn’t Go Over Well For Him

That didn't go over well for him.

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The situation surrounding the opinion draft that was recently leaked and published by Politico, suggesting that the United States Supreme Court could overturn Roe V. Wade — a landmark decision made in 1973, protecting a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion without undue government interference or restrictions — is a serious one, to say the least. Women all across the nation are terrified, disgusted, shocked, and absolutely f*cking irate at the very real prospect of losing our basic human and healthcare rights.

Yet nevertheless, Mike Pence thought it was a good time to play pissing match with his successor, Vice President Kamala Harris.

Spoiler Alert: It was not a good time. It was not a good time at all.

Recently, Vice President Harris delivered a powerful, impassioned speech, attacking the Supreme Court for its draft opinion that would serve to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortions in the US on a federal level.

Speaking to the pro-choice political action group Emily’s List, VP Harris fumed on ALL women’s behalf:

Those Republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women, well we say: ‘How dare they?’ How dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body?”

During a speech at the Carolina Pregnancy Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina, a staunch anti-abortion group, former Vice President Pence attempted to attack his replacement by turning her own words against her.

“I say with the lives of 62 million unborn boys, and girls ended in abortion since 1973, generations of mothers enduring heartbreaking loss that can last a lifetime: Madame Vice President, how dare you?” Pence ranted at the event as he tried his best to invoke some emotion that we’re assuming was pre-approved by Mother herself.

Pence certainly made absolutely no effort to hide his thrill that the opinion draft was leaked to the public and the days of Roe V. Wade protecting women’s rights will likely soon be over.

“We have a historic opportunity to restore the sanctity of life to the center of American law,” Pence said to the public. “I welcome that, and I hope, and I pray that the Supreme Court of the United States draft opinion will hold and become a part of the law of the land.”

Twitter took after him with pitchforks and torches:

The draft opinion was leaked to the public by an unknown individual on Monday night. While the opinion draft is not final, the United States Supreme Court has already willingly verified its authenticity.

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