Mitch McConnell Goes On Senate Floor, Says House Impeachment “Most Rushed, Least Thorough, And Most Unfair Impeachment Inquiry In Modern History”

Sounds like Mitch is starting to get nervous.

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The end is finally here, folks. Donald Trump will almost assuredly find himself formally impeached in the House. Both House committees, the Intelligence as well as the Judicial, have conducted their investigations, complete with countless damning witness and expert testimonies and tomorrow they decide, with 100 percent certainty, whether or not Donald Trump’s name and reputation will forever be marred with the label of “impeached.”

I feel quite certain there’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind as to what the results of tomorrow’s vote will be. Both committees involved in this portion of the impeachment process appear to fully know and understand that Trump’s proven transgressions are far too heinous to, in good conscience, allow him to continue in his position as president of this nation.

However, the reach of the House only goes so far in this process. Once that branch of Congress has voted as a whole to formally impeach Donald Trump, the process then moves on to the Senate, where it will be decided as to whether or not Trump will actually be removed from the presidency via formal impeachment.

While the House seems to be fairly unanimous in their feelings regarding Trump’s continued presidency, the Republican-led Senate is unsurprisingly shaping up to be a much different story.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of Senators under the reign of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (and therefore, by default, the reign of Donald Trump) know damn good and well that Donald deserves every last ounce of what impeachment has to offer. However, McConnell serves as a front-line Trump minion, and even if he is 100 percent aware of the illegality of what Donald has done, he’s still bound and determined to defend 45 with his dignity’s dying breath.

So it came as no surprise when the Senate Majority Leader took to the Senate floor this morning, ahead of the House’s vote on Trump’s formal impeachment, to essentially do little more than whine about the whole ordeal, calling the House’s impeachment effort the “most rushed, least thorough and most unfair impeachment inquiry in modern history.”

He then went on to complain about having to do his Congressional duties as a Senator, stating, “Its slapdash work product will be dumped on us over here in the Senate.”

It seems Mitch really isn’t looking forward to what tomorrow, or the coming days, have in store for him. He knows his loyalty between the people of the United States and that of the president is soon to be on display for all the world to see. And he knows that his constituents won’t be happy with the side he chooses.

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