MSNBC Host Took Hilarious Jab At Trump’s Recent Ill-Fitting Wardrobe Fiasco: “Those Pants Could Accommodate A Family Of Four”

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Unless you live under a rock, it’s almost guaranteed that you caught the uproar surrounding ex-president Donald Trump’s ill-fitting pants during his recent “debut” speech at the North Carolina Republican Convention dinner.

Now, before we dig too deep into this topic, I want to note that there was a whole lot of speculation and possible editing surrounding Donald’s suit that night. Some social media users wondered if he somehow managed to put his trousers on backward while others thought perhaps his alleged adult diaper was giving him problems that night. Even more so, some of the images that began to circulate from that night appeared to have been doctored or photoshopped in some way. Let me be clear, that’s not what this is about. I have no idea whether or not Donald Trump put his pants or his possible Depends on in any way that’s not considered “normal,” and several fact-checks have disputed the notion since then.

So, let me be clear when I say that I am not asserting anything about Donald Trump’s pants in this article, other than the fact that I watched the speech live and it really looks as though he needs a new tailor; Which brings me to the point of this article.

Photoshop, diaper, bad tailor, whatever — the subject of Donald’s pants and just what in the hell was going on with them that night has yet to fully settle down. So much so that MSNBC host Brian Williams closed out his show last night with a comedic defense of those who have mocked the ex-president’s ill-fitting britches.

Williams found himself swept away in the comedy of it all, despite the fact that different camera angles and high definition clips and snapshots were able to prove that Trump’s pants weren’t on backward.

“One thing we did move on too quickly is the Trump appearance at the North Carolina wingding in this past weekend,” Williams noted. “It was, after all, three nights ago. In part because of social media, which makes TV news types seem thoughtful and reflective — social media went wild over Trump’s pants. Maybe with the help of photoshopping the first theory is they were on backward. It is not body shaming as much as it is a straight-up observation that those pants could accommodate a family of four. Here we are distracted again. It was the substance of Trump’s remarks and the demeanor in that night’s kickoff of the big lie grievance tour that led The New York Times to say that he appeared diminished. And then along came the Lincoln Project with their own takeaway from that very night.”

Williams didn’t leave things off by just talking about Donald’s funky pants, though. He was sure to close out his segment with a clip from The Lincoln Project featuring a montage of all of Trump’s numerous flubs, fumbles, and stumbles during his big “coming out” speech.

You can watch the MSNBC clip here:

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