MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Brutally Mocks Donald Trump Amid Jolting Hearings, Compares The Jan. 6th Committee’s Explosive Ratings To Ex-President’s Apprentice Reality TV Show

That's gotta sting!

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I honestly believe that Donald J. Trump has been absolutely obsessed with himself since the day he became sentient enough to recognize his own face in the mirror. Over the years, as he grifted and swindled and blew through daddy’s money, that self-important ego of his has only grown and grown — reaching absolutely mind-boggling levels once he managed to weasel his way into the literal White House.

As we’ve covered Trump over these last few years, we’ve caught on to a handful of specific obsessions Donald has when it comes to himself — such as his vanity in his own physical appearance, namely things like the size of his hands, his hair, and his height and weight. But the now-former president also has a serious fixation on the public’s perception of him.

Despite being a less than well-liked man among most demographics in this country, Donald Trump is consumed with the notion of being a revered and beloved individual the whole world round. A lot of this particular obsession usually ends up manifesting in a fixation on television ratings.

Throughout his presidency, Trump constantly claimed that his rallies, interviews, and various public appearances would garner the highest TV ratings of them all, despite the fact that he was usually dead wrong and knew it. And then there was The Apprentice — the washed-up former guy’s equally washed-up reality TV show.

Over the years in the spotlight, Trump has leaned heavily on the use of television ratings to attack various individuals and networks that he’s beefing with.

But over the weekend, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough used Donald’s own tactic against him in the most perfect kind of way.

As we’re all well aware, the long-awaited public January 6th hearings are now underway and, unsurprisingly so, they’re drawing in some pretty massive ratings, much to the ex-president’s chagrin.

Trump made as much clear when he released a new statement attempting to attack the committee and the ratings they’ve garnered for the hearings:

But MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough absolutely dragged the former guy on his segment this weekend when he openly compared the hearing’s ratings to Donald Trump’s old reality TV show.

“I want you to compare those 20 million viewers with the biggest ratings Donald Trump garnered for his reality show,” Scarborough said, before going on to note, “Liz Cheney got 20 million viewers, Trump only drew an audience of 4.6 million for the season finale of his last season of The Apprentice, and 7.6 million for Celebrity Apprentice.

“You could add up his final season average for Celebrity Apprentice and the final season for Apprentice, and…yeah. Looks like Liz has him more than doubled there,” Scarborough closed.

That’s gonna sting Donald Trump, in the worst kind of way.

You can watch the MSNBC segment here, with Joe’s brutal burn beginning at the 16-minute mark:

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