MTG Crossed A Line That She Can Never Come Back From In Video Message That Was So Sickening, You Have To See It To Even Believe It

I honestly don't have words at this point.

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Frankly, no one really has exceedingly high standards for Marjorie Taylor Greene. Even if you somehow managed to miss the last two State of the Union addresses —both of which featured the QAnon congresswoman earning herself the title of the Asshole of the Year… In February — pretty much everyone has easy access to the woman’s dumpster fire of a Twitter account. Suffice it to say, Marje isn’t leaving a whole lot up in the air with regard to her stupidity and overall awfulness.

But one would think that there are certain lines that even someone of Greene’s resoundingly low standards and principles would not dare cross — at the very least, wouldn’t cross them in a public and proud manner. But nevertheless, here we are, with Marjorie Taylor Greene removing any and all doubt that she’s a garbage, bottom of the barrel, scum of the earth racist piece of excrement, simply by opening her big, fat mouth and letting the bullsh*t fly, wholly and entirely unchecked, unabashed, and unashamed.

While we’re not sure where Greene originally posted the clip in question, a horrifyingly disgusting video of the Georgia GOP congresswoman in one of her trademarked unhinged rants went viral across various social media platforms, and once you see it, you’ll quickly understand why.

“I know a ton of white people that are as lazy and sorry and probably worse than Black people I know.”

There is quite literally no possible avenue that one could take here, in which they could deny the deeply negative connotation Marjorie Taylor Greene has lodged against Black individuals.

According to her, Black people are “lazy” and “sorry,” but don’t worry, some of her white folk friends are too.

This is genuinely the kind of person who doesn’t even attempt to pull the “I have a Black friend” trope because she genuinely doesn’t, so instead you get some 1950s bullsh*t about her having a “color TV.”

While I didn’t scope out TikTok, Twitter absolutely let this sorry excuse for a human being have it:

This is what the Trump Era got us — a country in which racist people can once again feel proud and comfortable with their racism, and even take it all the way to Capitol Hill.

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