MTG’s Downward Spiral Of Embarrassment And Shame Has Reached The Point Where “Members Of Her Own Team Feel Compelled To Abandon Her”: NYT Columnist

She's digging her own hole past the point of return.

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Georgia’s controversial Right-wing House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene appears to have finally, officially overplayed her hand and sparked the beginning of her own downfall in the wake of her abhorrent behavior over a massive $95 million foreign aid package passed by Congress, despite her attempts to openly threaten her House colleagues — leading her own people to abandon her, according to a blistering New York Times column.

In case you missed it, Greene recently melted down into an unhinged fit of swear words on the Capitol steps over a large aid package passed by the Republican majority House that will, in part, lend assistance to an embattled Ukraine. Greene had spent days upon days openly threatening her House colleagues to not pass the aide package ahead of the vote.

Now, New York Times’s Michelle Cottle is out with a scathing new column, opining that the Georgia Republican just chalked up the absolute worst week of her political career to date, culminating with Marjorie’s Dear Leader Donald Trump siding with House Speaker Michael Johnson on the bill and leaving the controversial and humiliated congresswoman “flapping and flailing.”

Cottle writes that Greene has pushed and pushed, repeatedly embarrassing herself in public and to her Republican colleagues in the House, until she has finally humiliated herself to a point where “members of her own team feel compelled to abandon her.”

The fiery column notes that Greene has tried her luck and ultimately failed, leaving a significant amount of damage to the far-Right wing of the US House of Representatives in her wake, and will almost undoubtedly see the consequences of her actions play out in real-time when her influence and power within the caucus rapidly falls down to nothing.

“She has, in very little time, undermined the influence of her party’s entire right flank, driving less unhinged Republicans — most notably the House speaker, Mike Johnson — to brush back her and her ilk like the poo-flinging chaos monkeys they are,” Cottle writes before going on to add, “I may be off base here, Marjo, but trashing your colleagues as no better than the other side in a high-stakes election year is not the best way to win them over to your kamikaze mission.”

Cottle says the quiet part loud when she finally suggests that the only allies Marjorie Taylor Greene has left are those firmly planted in the Kremlin.

“More food for thought, congresswoman: When Russian propagandists start praising your politics and beauty, it’s time to rethink your life choices,” she blisters. “I mean, not even Donald Trump is throwing in with ‘Moscow Marjorie,’ as she has been dubbed in some cheekier conservative corners.”

You can read Cottle’s scathing full column with the New York Times here.

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