Mugshots Are Dropping Left And Right As Trump’s Closest Allies Begin To Surrender To Authorities At GA Jail

And so it begins...

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After waiting for what has felt like forever, the long-awaited mugshots of scandal-ridden ex-President Donald Trump’s closest allies are now dropping left and right from the Fulton County sheriff’s office and spreading across social media like wildfire as Donald’s co-conspirators begin to surrender themselves over to Georgia authorities to be booked in jail on their charges of conspiring with Donald Trump to overthrow the 2020 presidential election in the Peach State, as reports confirm that two more Trump allies and co-conspirators surrender themselves to authorities overnight.

Local Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Atlanta bail bondsman Scott Hall and Trump campaign attorney John Eastman were booked into the Fulton County Jail yesterday. Both of the Trump allies were released just a few hours later on a $10,000 bond for Hall and a $100,000 for Eastman. The local media outlet further confirmed that allies and co-conspirators Cathy Latham and David Shafer, both former officials for the Republican Party, voluntarily turned themselves in overnight.

Eastman faces a total of 9 charges in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ wide-reaching election crimes case, including the bombshell racketeering charge as well as conspiracy to commit impersonating a public officer, conspiracy to commit filing false documents, filing false documents, solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer, conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree and conspiracy to commit false statements and writings.

The Trump Campaign attorney spoke with reporters outside the jail and had this to say:

I’m confident that when the law is faithfully applied in this proceeding, all of my codefendants and I will be fully vindicated.

Hall also faces RICO charges in the case, in addition to conspiracy to defraud the state, conspiracy to commit computer invasion of privacy, conspiracy to commit computer trespass, conspiracy to commit computer theft, and two counts of conspiracy to commit election fraud.

The Atlanta bail bondsman was implicated in the case after he was spotted on damning security footage at the Coffee County Board of Elections on Jan. 7, 2021, along with other supporters of the disgraced former president, involved in efforts by a forensic data team to copy sensitive hardware and software related to the election.

That particular scheme also produced criminal charges against former Coffee County GOP chair Cathy Latham and former Georgia GOP chair David Shafer.

Latham, who was one of the now-infamous Trump “fake electors” even went so far as to take a selfie in the midst of their election crime scheme and faces charges from DA Willis of racketeering, impersonating a public officer, forgery in the first degree, false statements and writings, criminal attempt to commit filing false documents, conspiracy to commit election fraud, conspiracy to commit election fraud, conspiracy to commit computer theft, conspiracy to commit computer trespass, conspiracy to commit computer invasion of privacy and conspiracy to defraud the state.

Shafer stands charged with racketeering, impersonating a public officer, forgery, false statements and writings, and filing false documents.

He recently filed court motions that claimed his case should be moved out of Georgia and into a federal court, as he committed his crimes while working under the direction of the US president and other federal authorities.

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Featured image via Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

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