New Book Claims Mitch McConnell Called Donald Trump, Told Him He Lost, And Hung Up On Him

Trump was NOT happy with Mitch.

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Ex-President Donald Trump certainly hasn’t kept his hatred and disdain for the now Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a well-kept secret, by any stretch of the means. In fact, the former guy has made it a point over the last year or so to publicly express his disdain for the KY senator and former Senate Majority Leader on several different occasions — pretty much whenever the opportunity has presented itself.

As we’re well aware, most of Donald’s ire boils down to McConnell’s congratulatory announcement towards President Biden on December 15th of last year, commending Biden for his win following the certification of the Electoral College votes in the 2020 presidential election. But according to a new book that recently hit the shelves, Trump’s anger towards his former devout jockey apparently goes a little deeper than Mitch’s public congratulations towards President Biden.

According to an excerpt from the new book, Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, recently republished by the Washington Post, McConnell apparently called the soon-to-be-ex-president up on the phone following his announcement and tried to explain himself. However, Trump reportedly reacted just exactly as you’d expect, and immediately rained his wrath down upon the KY senator over the phone. But evidently, Mitch just didn’t have the patience for Donald’s nonsense anymore.

“Trump insisted he had won, uttered expletives and accused him of disloyalty,” the report from the Post reads, “and McConnell responded, ‘You lost the election’ and hung up.”

McConnell was allegedly concerned that Donald’s behavior surrounding the 2020 election and incessant, yet categorically false claims of widespread voter fraud would negatively affect Republican voter turnout in the two impending special elections that the state of Georgia was facing at the time. Ultimately, that’s exactly what happened, and it ended up costing Mitch his Senate Majority Leader position.

Frankly, it’s a real wonder Mitch hasn’t just come out and called Donald Trump a crybaby piece of garbage at this point. I’m willing to bet his new Minority Leader position has him wishing he’d handled those four, long Trump term years a little differently.

But, you know what they say about hindsight, Mitch.

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