New Details Reportedly Emerge Alleging Alex Jones’ Wife Struck Him Over 20 Times, Left Right-Wing Radio Host In “Fear For His Life” During Christmas Eve Domestic Assault

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Over the holiday weekend, several reports revealed that InfoWars host Alex Jones’ wife, Erika Wulff Jones, committed assault against a family member who, at the time, was left unidentified — something Alex blamed on “some kind of medication imbalance.”

But now, a bombshell new report from The Daily Beast has revealed that most of the speculation surrounding the assault was correct — the unidentified family member that Erika assaulted was Alex Jones himself. And apparently, it was so bad that it left the Right-wing radio lost in “fear for his life,” according to police documents obtained and reviewed by the publication.

According to the report, Jones’ wife struck the far-right conspiracy theorist “over 20 times,” at least one of which was with a “possibly shampoo” bottle that police say “caused burning to his eyes,” and threatened to hit him with a stone ball as he tried to run away from her.

Wulff Jones was ultimately arrested on Christmas Eve night following the domestic assault, outside the couple’s Austin, Texas, home.

Alex was quick with a statement in response to the reports, telling the Associated Press, “It’s a private family matter that happened on Christmas Eve. I love my wife and care about her, and it appears to be some kind of medication imbalance.”

The Travis County arrest affidavit says Jones spoke with an emergency operator during his initial 911 call and told the individual on the line that his wife had struck him overtop the head several times and was “holding a polished club in her hand” as she attempted to “hit him with it.”

Upon arriving at the Jones’ home, police found the right-wing radio host with “red” and “wet” hair, as he claimed his wife had hit him “several times.” Alex would later tell the police, according to the affidavit, that “Erika had hit him with both closed fists and open hands on his head in front of their child.”

Alex alleged that Erika accused him of “cheating on her,” which ultimately led to the violent altercation as the couple was bathing the child they share together.

“[Jones] stated he tried to get away from her in the master bedroom, and she followed him with a stone ball trying to strike him,” the report reads. It was at this point that Alex claims he was “in fear for his life.”

Despite disputing her husband’s claims, Erika was arrested, with officers noting she had “a strong odor of alcohol.”

An additional police affidavit alleges Erika was very adamant about not going to jail and even managed to break free from her handcuffs and begin “swing[ing] her fists and kicking” as officers called for backup, “striking at least one.”

Erika was charged with two misdemeanors — one for the alleged assault of her husband; the other for allegedly resisting arrest — but was released on bond Sunday morning.

This is not the first run in Jones’ wife has had with the law, with court records showing that Erika was arrested in August 2019, following her husband hiring a private investigator to tail her as he believed she was “suicidal” and “intoxicated.” His wife was ultimately arrested on a DUI.

Alex addressed the incident on his InfoWars program today, claiming his wife’s “cuckoo” behavior was a result of mixed medications following a recent surgery.

“So that’s what happens when someone has a chemical imbalance after surgery and the medication they had mixes together,” Jones said on his program, “and they literally go to cuckoo world, cloud cuckoo.”

You can read the full report from The Daily Beast here.

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