New Report Claims Trump Is Toying With The Idea Of Announcing His Run For 2024 Campaign On Inauguration Day

Such a petty man.

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America’s petty president hasn’t conceded the race he clearly lost to Joe Biden, but he knows he was defeated, apparently. Donald Trump is trying to disrupt Biden’s presidency on several fronts even before it starts on January 20th. Trump’s legal challenges of the election results have failed dozens of times now. Even though he throws out disinformation on Twitter to claim the election was rigged, he has to know that he was defeated since he’s planning a 2024 run against Biden. And the date of Trump’s 2024 announcement might land be on the same day as Biden’s inauguration.

According to what three people familiar with the conversations told the Daily Beast, Trump has in the past two weeks, floated the idea of doing a 2024-related event during Biden’s inauguration week, and possibly on Inauguration Day, if his attempted coup fails. And yeah, we can call it a coup since Trump has literally been trying to have legally casted ballots thrown out. Trump is trying to cling to power even though the people clearly do not want him in office for another four years.

“According to two sources with direct knowledge of the matter,” the news outlet reports, “the president has privately bragged that he’d still remain in the spotlight, even if Biden is in the Oval Office, in part because the news media will keep regularly covering him since—as Trump has assessed—he gets the news outlets ratings and those same outlets find Biden “boring.”


After four long chaotic years of the Trump administration, I’ll take “boring” in a heartbeat, thankyouverymuch! And if Trump had been a private citizen during the last four years, he would have been banned on Twitter for offensive content — and that’s where the president likes to shitpost his divisive messages. So, it’s doubtful that Trump can remain in the spotlight for long if he moves over to Parler, the fringe right-wing “free speech” social media platform that bans liberals. Trump can use Parler to scream into an echo chamber, but that’s about it. And he can appear on OANN and Newsmax, but credible networks just won’t take an impeached, one-term, narcissistic president seriously. Trump’s legacy will be the hundreds of thousands of Americans that died on his watch.

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