New Report Reveals Trump’s Own Allies Are Warning Him That One Of His Top Attorneys Is “Very Likely” To Face Criminal Charges Soon

The Trump Ship is sinking.

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According to a bombshell new report from Rolling Stone, scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump’s own allies are desperately trying to warn him that one of his own top attorneys is “very likely” to face genuine criminal charges in the coming months, as life for Trump continues to crash down all around him.

Rolling Stone spoke with multiple sources within the ex-president’s hidden inside world who revealed to the publication that several of Trump’s attorneys have thoroughly reviewed the actions of their fellow Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran and found that the leg of the Trump legal team is highly vulnerable to charges of obstruction of justice related to his actions and decisions in his defense of the corrupt ex-president in the US Justice Department’s investigation into Donald Trump’s blatant mishandling of classified government documents that he stole from the US federal government and proceeded to stash away at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort turned post-White House personal residence.

Citing inside sources, Rolling Stone points to a sworn statement drafted by Corcoran, in which the Trump attorney claimed to have conducted a “diligent search” of the ex-president’s Palm Beach compound in an effort to find any classified government documents at the golf resort. However, as we’re all well aware by now, despite Evan’s claims the FBI would go on to conduct a search and seizure warrant raid against Mar-a-Lago, where they would discover and seize multiple more boxes of classified, top-secret materials that were present at the Florida estate at the time of the Trump attorney’s sworn statement.

Interestingly enough, it was Trump attorney Christina Bobb who actually signed her name to the sworn statement regarding the Trump legal team’s “diligent” Mar-a-Lago search, but nevertheless, prosecutors are eyeing Corcoran as the puppetmaster who was working tirelessly to manipulate and ultimately obstruct the Justice Department’s investigation into the stolen documents.

Rolling Stone reports:

Prosecutors have since filed a motion asking a judge in the case to force him to testify based on the crime-fraud exception, which can override attorney-client privilege in cases where an attorney may have assisted a client in the perpetration of a crime.”

While an official decision hasn’t yet been made, the publication notes that if the judge in the case grants the motion put forward by prosecutors, then it means that there is probable cause to believe that a crime has, in fact, been committed.

You can read the full report from Rolling Stone here.

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