New York AG Has Taken First Steps To Seize Some Of Donald Trump’s Assets As Deadline Looms: Report

This most certainly just ruined Donald's day.

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Donald Trump’s $454 million New York fraud bond is coming due on Monday of next week and, with the deadline truly looming at this point, the state’s Attorney General Letitia James is already making moves to seize the scandal-plagued ex-president’s beloved properties and assets in New York’s Westchester County, when Donald inevitably fails to fork over the cash in time.

This new development was reported on by Bloomberg News:

New York state’s $454 million judgment against Donald Trump in a civil fraud lawsuit was formally registered in Westchester County just outside Manhattan, a sign that his properties in the area may be at risk of being seized if the former president fails to post an appeal bond.”

Bloomberg notes that James’ filing did not list a specific reason for the new registration, but further points out that this is undeniably the first step James needed to take in order to begin securing property liens against Donald Trump’s assets in an effort to collect on what he owes after losing his civil fraud trial in New York. The report notes that Trump maintains two valuable properties in affluent Westchester County: Trump National Golf Club Westchester, and his Seven Springs estate, a 212-acre resort complex that remains partially undeveloped.

“James has said she’s prepared to start seizing Trump assets if he misses a March 25 deadline to post a bond for 120% of the judgment to put it on hold while he appeals,” the report reads. “She hasn’t started that process, and the registration in Westchester County doesn’t automatically mean she will attempt to seize the properties.”

“It’s nevertheless a clear sign they’re at risk.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James was successful in securing a multi-million dollar judgment against former President and 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, his family company The Trump Organization, and his two eldest sons (as well as severe implications against the Trump Org’s former longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg) when she proved in a lengthy trial that the aforementioned individuals and entities engaged in financial fraud in the state of New York.

James’ proof demonstrated that Trump, his sons, and his CFO systematically lied about the value of properties and assets in an effort to obtain more favorable loans, insurance rates, and tax breaks. This instigated a severe financial loss in revenue and interest for banks, insurance companies, and government agencies over several years.

The former president has been hit with multiple, big money judgments over the last handful of weeks and has clearly struggled to square up on his bills to the tune of more than half a million dollars and counting. While Donald was finally successful in posting his bond in the $83.3 million defamation judgment that E. Jean Carroll won against him, his lawyers have made it clear in recent court filings that he has been unable to find a backer for the millions he owes in the James judgment, leaving many experts and Americans to question possible national security implications as the former president may soon turn to foreign entities to help him foot the bill.

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