New York Lawmakers Pushed A Bill That Would Remove Donald Trump’s Name From State Park: “There Are A Lot Of Other New Yorkers Who Are Worthy Of The Honor”

People want to clear his stain from this country.

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If you ask me, one of the reasons Donald Trump was clinging so tight to the presidency even after he so clearly lost the election, (aside from the whole going to jail thing) was his blatant desperation to stay relevant. Let’s face it, folks, Donald Trump is a reality TV washup through and through. It’s all he really knows. Hell, he treated his entire term like a bad season of The Apprentice. The dude just wants to be a star. He wants people to talk about him and think about him at all times, to the point that I’m not so sure he even cares what their reasoning is. He just wants to stay in the limelight.

He’s made as much clear in the final days of his presidency and first weeks as a private citizen. I mean, the Capitol riots, am I right? But even beyond that, Trump hasn’t particularly hidden his desire to remain front and center to the American people. For example, his efforts to have a Palm Beach airport named after him. It’s so very obvious that he wants to leave his mark, or if you ask me his stain, all over this county even as an Average Joe. However, that’s not been working out so well for him. Not only was Palm Beach quick to shoot down his Trump International Airport dreams, many buildings and places that have borne his name for years are now taking steps to clear the stain of Donald Trump from their lives and move forward with a new America.

We recently reported that one of Trump’s own condo buildings had removed the former president’s moniker from their property (a move that the residents of the building couldn’t be happier about) and now reports indicate that New York lawmakers are looking to do something similar with a state park in upstate New York.

According to a report from POLITICO, lawmakers in the state are looking to rename Donald J. Trump State Park and the state legislature’s tourism committee has voted 14-7 to advance the bill.

“Our parklands should be reflective of New Yorkers that we can be proud of, New Yorkers that have expressed our values,” Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, who sponsored the bill said, according to the report. “There are a lot of other New Yorkers who are worthy of the honor of having a park named after themselves.”

The state of New York obtained the now largely unused 436-acre park in Putnam County back in 2006, when Trump donated the land after plans to build a golf course that never came to fruition. Unsurprisingly, when Donald donated the park he did so under the condition that his name be “prominently displayed at least at each entrance to each property.”

Trump said at the time of the donation, “This is my way of trying to give back.”

Rozic first proposed the idea of changing the park’s name after counterprotester Heather Heyer was killed by a white supremacist during the Charlottesville, Va. white supremacy rally — Rozic’s proposal would name the park after Heyer.

Chair of the tourism committee, Danny O’Donnell, told POLITICO that he doesn’t anticipate any legal blowback from Donald Trump in regard to the park’s name change.

“I don’t think [Trump] will have the resources to care when the time comes,” he stated. “But maybe he would; he’s sufficiently a narcissist.”

The Associated Press reports that Park Commissioner Erik Kulleseid told lawmakers during a recent budget hearing that he has received several emails about rebranding the state park.

Kulleseid points out that Trump’s demand that his name be displayed all around the property isn’t actually in the deed to the donation. However, Donald has unsurprisingly rebuffed the idea of rebranding the park on several occasions, threatening to reclaim the property.

Whether Trump actually cares about the park bearing his name or not, this just goes to serve as even further proof that this country is done with him.

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