Newsmax Host Conducts Entire Interview With Sean Spicer On Mute And It’s Incredibly Awkward

It's always great to not hear what Spicer has to say.

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All of Donald Trump’s White House press secretaries have been awful. Still, Sean Spicer stands out, probably because he was the first in a series of individuals that blatantly lied to the American people under the former president’s administration. Serving as Trump’s press secretary had to be difficult, but Spicer’s many misrepresentations and angry confrontations with the press will likely go down in history books.

When Spicer began his tenure as press secretary, he started with a doozy of a lie, insisting to the press again and again that Trump’s inauguration crowd was the biggest ever when it clearly was not. “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period,” he said.

You might recall when former President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, sparking a massive controversy, Sean Spicer reportedly retreated to a hiding place in the bushes outside the White House to escape from his boss and reporters.

Well, Sean Spicer was accidentally put on mute on the air during a Newsmax segment, and it was a glorious 90 seconds as the former White House press secretary’s mouth moved. Still, not a sound was heard coming out of his mouth while he previewed his upcoming “Spicer & Co.” program on host Chris Salcendo’s show.


Some Twitter users thought it was an April Fool’s gag, but it wasn’t mentioned later.  Now, if only interviews with former White House secretary Kayleigh McEnany could be muted. Spicer now works for Newsmax, and that’s a joke in itself. During that segment tried to lash out at First Lady Dr. Jill Biden for apparently messing up a Spanish word. Meanwhile, Melania Trump butchered the English language consistently.

A Newsmax host recently attacked President Joe Biden over his faith. They also added a laugh-track to Biden stuttering. And then another host attacked the Bidens’ dog, Champ, for being “unlike a presidential dog.” Donald Trump has never had a dog, but that fact was absent in their “report.” At any rate, we bring all of that up to show that Spicer is right where he belongs, at an awful media outlet that has nothing to offer regarding actual news.

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