NFL’s Tom Brady Revealed The Awkward Request From Trump That He Refused To Go Along With That Played A Role In The End Of Their Friendship

This is bizarre.

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As we’re all aware by now, ex-President Donald Trump used to be good buddies with football superstar Tom Brady but the relationship managed to fizzle out completely shortly after Trump started barging his way onto the political map.

But now, according to a recent report from Essentially Sports, we’re getting a new, fresh glimpse into what exactly happened to bring a final demise to the bizarre friendship.

Back in 2020, Brady sat for an interview with radio host Howard Stern and explained how Trump’s venture into politics served to ultimately sever his relationship with the now one-term, twice-impeached former real estate “mogul” turned ex-president.

According to the quarterback, Trump approached Brady back in 2016 and requested that he speak at the Republican National Convention.

“Yeah, he wanted me to speak at the convention, too, and I wasn’t going to do anything political,” Brady revealed. Ultimately, the football star refused the then-president’s ask, wanting to avoid going publicly political.

Brady and Trump first met in 2001, when Tom was still playing for the New England Patriots. In 2002, following the Patriots’ Superbowl win, Trump asked Brady to judge a Miss USA competition, as Trump was then the owner of the pageant. Brady, only 24 years old at the time, was all too happy about the opportunity, as it was his first time being asked to take part in something so popular and prestigious.

Brady used to regularly golf with Donald Trump and Trump would often attend Patriots games. However, Donald’s political career served to turn the public’s eye onto the pair’s relationship and it made the quarterback uncomfortable.

Journalist Vicki Ward then released her book, Kushner, Inc., in 2019, which further highlighted the friendship between Trump and Brady, when she alleged that Donald wanted his daughter Ivanka to marry Brady. In his interview with Stern, Brady confirmed that he and the now-former first Daughter never even dated, and said that Trump may have suggested the idea of the relationship to someone else, but never said so to him personally.

Since the beginning of Trump’s political career, Brady has clearly distanced himself from the now scandal-ridden former president, and it’s certainly ruffled Donald’s feathers a bit.

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