“No One Wants To See That!”: MTG Got Downright Roasted For Sharing A Photo Of Herself In A Bikini To Celebrate Her 50th Birthday

Oh my word...

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We saw parts of Marjorie Taylor Greene that we never wanted to see after the controversial, ultra-right-wing Georgia congresswoman celebrated her big 50th birthday with a photo of herself in a bikini on X (formerly known as Twitter) — and suffice it to say, we would imagine her self esteem is a little worse for wear if she read through the comments section.

“Today I turned 50!” Greene recently wrote in a social media post that features a photo of herself standing poolside in a baby blue two-piece swimsuit and a straw cowboy hat.

The firebrand congresswoman proceeded to write a novella about how great she is, in every conceivable way:

Many people go into their 50th birthday thinking it’s a bad thing, but I truly feel it’s wonderful and I’m so excited and grateful God let me live 50 years and do so many things.

From being the first person to graduate college in my family, to carrying 3 babies in my womb and the absolute miracle of 3 childbirths, to raising my children and teaching them about God’s creation and man’s dangers, to running successful businesses and carrying the weight of the responsibility, being a member of congress, running, cycling, swimming, competing, training, reading, always learning, creating, building, skiing, surfing, hiking, making mistakes, learning lessons, and most importantly God’s grace that I don’t deserve but am thankful for beyond words, my 50 years have been an incredible journey that I’m thrilled to be on.

And God willing, I’ll passionately continue each step following Him wherever the road leads.”

You can see the post for yourself here if you don’t value your own eyeballs very much:

As you would expect, a lot of the comments weren’t particularly flattering toward the MAGA-loving congresswoman:

Something tells me, Miss. Marjorie was trying to get her confidence back after Jasmine Crockett struck one hell of a nerve and it’s not really working out all that well for her.

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